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New Greenhouse design with a 15X15 plot for crops and 12 spaces for trees.

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There are many Greenhouse mods available. However, most are over powered or over simplified. Jamie's Balanced Greenhouse provides a nice compromise between the larger Greenhouses and those that simply make placing sprinklers easier. With a 15 X 15 plot for planting you can use 9 Irdium or 25 Medium Sprinklers. There is room for 12 Trees. There is a large open area in front for SeedMakers, Chests, and Other Machines. The tree plots are spaced to allow room for those using the Automate mod! Try it out and Enjoy! Don't for get to up vote this mod!


Just unzip and drop the Greenhouse.xnb file in to your Stardew Valley Custom->Map File Location. Don't forget to backup your files first!

Required SMAPI Files
Advanced Location Loader
Entoarox Framework

This fixes the warp point.