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An update to Demiacle's UiModSuite which works with SMAPI 1.9. Implements a range of UI updates to add useful information.

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EDIT: a SMAPI 1.10 version is now availible as an optional file. Be aware this file may break if there are further SMAPI 1.10 or SDV 1.12 changes.

This is a minor update to Demiacle's Ui Mod so that it works with SMAPI-1.9.

You can find the original mod here.

I am not the original author, but wanted to use the mod with the latest version of SMAPI.
Should Demiacle ask me to remove this upload, or release their own update, I will take this file down.
In the mean-time it's a work-around.

Please let me know of any irregularities or issues you encounter.


1) install SMAPI 1.9

2) download this file

3) Unzip this file

4) copy the resulting folder into your "\StardewValley\Mods" folder.

5) You're done, run SMAPI and enjoy the game!