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A niche mod that changes music volume depending on whether or not the player is in an event.

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There are a few circumstances where a player might want different volume levels for the in-game music depending on whether or
not their character is in an event. This mod allows for two settings for music volume levels to be applied while outside and inside events.

The main use cases are:
  • Player is listening to external music but wants to pause that for atmosphere during events.
  • Player is in an environment where music can't be used typically but other game sounds are fine.
  • Player is in multiplayer in the same room with another person who has their music on.

Installation Instructions
  • Install the latest version of SMAPI
  • Extract the contents of to your StardewValley/Mods folder

Included with the mod is config.json, which allows you to set different values for volumes outside and inside events.
This may be configured by manually editing the file or by using Generic Mod Config Menu.
  "MusicOutsideEvent": 0, //value between 0 and 100, for music volume outside events
  "MusicInsideEvent": 75 //value between 0 and 100, for music volume inside events

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