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Happy Birthday

Ever wonder why you don't have a birthday in Stardew Valley? Well worry no more!

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Happy Birthday
- For 2.1 Release
- Optimized performance
SMAPI 1.10  for Stardew Valley 1.2+ 
- No more keybinding
- Birthday in config.json
- Refactoring

Original by Omegasis
Published: 8/18/16 11:21 AM
Updated: 11/8/16 1:17 AM
Stardew Valley 1.1.0 Windows
SMAPI 0.40.0
Ever wonder why you don't have a birthday in Stardew Valley? Well worry no more!
Introducing the mod, Happy Birthday!
This mod is pretty basic and does a few things.
1.Adds in a new menu where you can choose the birthday for your farmer. Just load up your character and try to move and the menu should pop up!
2.NPCs wish you a happy birthday. Dialogue for this can be found at StardewValley/Content/Data/FarmerBirthdayDialogue.xnb
3.You get a random gift from each NPC according to how close you are to them. Possible gifts can be found at StardewValley/Content/Data/PossibleBirthdayGifts.xnb
There may or may not be a few content additions in the future depending on how much time I have, so keep an eye out just incase!
1.Download SMAPI
2.Download the main mod file
3.Download the mod Content file.
4.Place the main mod content file at StardewValley/Mods\
5.Merge the mod Content file with the content file located at StardewValley/Content
Place FarmerBirthdayDialogue.xnb and PossibleBirthdayGifts.xnb from the mod content folder inside of StardewValley/Content/Data
6.Run the game!
Note: This mod was built with custom NPCs in mind. You can either add in your custom NPC to the mod content files to allow for NPC specific dialogue and gifts, but if you don't you'll just get a default birthday message and the NPC will choose a gift from the general gift pool.
Have fun!
Update Info: 
-Balanced some gifts to be a bit less op. (Like 25 rabit foots);
-Fixed the birthday menu to force you to choose a season and date before you are allowed to exit the menu.
-Hopefully fixed the ???, Error Item, and useless rocks from showing up as possible gifts.
-Implemented a cheep fix to hopefully prevent the game from crashing when inside an event. It gives priority to the event over your birthday in worst case scenario.