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Overhauls the Bundles in the Community Center, the collections, items, and the rewards.

Permissions and credits
This mod aims to revamp the bundles in the Community Center. I found the rewards in the vanilla version to be lacklustre, and felt the bundles could be better. So I made this overhaul! 

Currently there is only four versions. But I have plans to make more, both easier and harder if the current versions don't have enough suffering in it for you. If you have any suggestions please let me know in the forum suggestions topic. I am also more than happy to make edits upon request! Post any in the Forum request topic.

There is an optional cosmetic file for both 0.2 and 0.2a/b, that edits the bundle images and the background to better suit the edit. But you don't need it for the mod to work. 

This version makes the Community Center a lot harder to complete, items needed for many of the edited bundles unavailable until year 2 in game. This was done to extend game play somewhat, as by year 2 things tend to wind down a bit in vanilla. 

For a list of the bundles, the collections, items, and rewards, see the above image or this spreadsheet for a written version. 

This file replaces the legendary fish bundle with a quality fish bundle instead. It's a duplicate of the Expert bundle but requires gold star fish instead of normal.

This is similar to 0.2a in that it replaces the legendary fish bundle with a quality fish bundle. But instead includes Specialty fish in the mix for the top 12 hardest fish to catch (excluding the legendary fish of course)

This file changes the reward for the legendary fish bundle from 5 treasure chests to 30 crab pots. Other than this it is identical to 0.2


Bundles Overhaul
To install replace the Bundles.xnb in the "Stardew Valley\Content\Data" folder. 
I would suggest creating a backup of the original. 

To install replace the JunimoNote.xnb in the "Stardew Valley\Content\LooseSprites" folder. 
I would suggest creating a backup of the original.


Chaos234 was kind enough to create versions of files for the other playable languages!

You can download the current version of his attached files (pending) CCBOv0.2-Compleate-Translations-(language code) and install them as written below or follow the instruction in his readme.txt in the zip file.

  1. Extract the ZIP file at any place but not on the mod folder!
  3. Go into the correct version folder (e. g. v0.2 or v.0.2a and so far) and replace the language file in "Stardew Valley\Content\Data" - for the Bundles XNB file - and in "Stardew Valley\Content\LooseSprites" - for the JunimoNote XNB file.
  4. Start the game and be happy with your new challenge :)

Please report any problems with the translation in the Bug section. If you think a translation is false then add to your report the correct translation so that we can change this.

IMPORTANT HINT: CCBOv0.2-Compleate-Translation-(language code) is currently missing Simplified Chinese (ja-JP), Russian (ru-RU) and Brazilian-Portuguese (pt-BR). They will be added and the ZIP file will be reuploaded/added.

Chaos234 - For his help translating my mod (Primary: German, Maintaining: German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Russian and Brazilian-Portuguese)
ChefRude - For his spanish translation