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An island farm map with ocean view. swimming pool, and plenty of waterfalls.

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1.0.4 Update   更新:
  • fixed meteorite and other spawnables can spawn on sky      天空不会再出现陨石之类的物品

1.0.3 Update   更新:

  • now the sky changes to night at 7:30 pm in game.      天空在游戏内晚上七点半会变成星空
  • the lounge area on the beach is removed for fall and winter秋天和冬天海滩上不再有躺椅和伞
  • fixed bug that the player can walk though the waterfall beside the cave entrance修复可以走进洞穴入口两侧瀑布的bug
  • now includes optional version which removes the window beside the spouse area可选无飘窗版本

Please read!!
  • The sky will not change into the night sky like north ginger island, which will make the sky look a bit awkward during night time. I have no idea how to change this, so if this bothers you please consider before using this mod. And if you happen to know how to fix this problem, please tell me!! (please please please)
  • Some areas of the map are intentionally not decorated, so you can decorate however you want to. Furnitures can be placed on the floored tiles above the spouse area and the picnic blanket.
  • You can sleep in the tent beside the pool, this might be handy for late night fishing XD.
  • Sprinklers can be placed on the sand.

The map recolor is made by me :D

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you've encountered a bug, or have any suggestions!

The furnitures used on the floored tiles are DustBeauty's Industrial Furniture Set .

  • 入夜后天空不会变成星空。我也不知道怎么解决这个问题……所以如果介意的话,请慎重考虑要不要用。如果有人知道怎么解决这个问题求求你告诉我呜呜呜呜
  • 为了更方便大家随心所欲的装饰,有些地方被特意留空了。配偶区域上面的飘窗和野餐毯上都可以放家具
  • 泳池旁边的帐篷可以过夜
  • 沙滩上可以放洒水器



飘窗上的家具来源于DustBeauty Industrial Furniture Set 。

Pool entrance:

小红书:科林   261392706