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Allows you to retrieve items shipped from the shipping bin

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About : 
After experiencing the pain of shipping the wrong item 1 too many times, I just gave up and re-designed the shipping bins menu.
It now looks just like a standard chest menu but it expands the more items you ship.
It currently allows you to grab / ship single items and entire stacks of items. Later it will also allow you to grab / ship stacks of 5 and 25.
You can grab items until they are shipped.

How to install : 

1. Install Smapi
2. Unzip the file and place it in the mod folder

Update 1.1.0 :
Fixed item dupe issue.
Added version for android.
Added support for controllers. (Controller supports snappy menu's only for now)
Update 1.1.1 :
Added support for Bigger backpack

Update 1.2.0 :
Fixed some bugs.
Added a banner at the top of the menu showing its total value.
Items now show their stack value and some details when hovered.
Added sound (I usually play like I'm deaf so I never noticed it wasn't there...)

Update 1.3.0 :
Fix bugs (and maybe create some, that remains to be seen)
Holding shift + left-click now automatically moves an entire stack back into inventory
Added stacking functionality for right-click - (ctrl + shift grabs 25, shift grabs 5)
Update 1.3.1 : 
So I did create some bugs... oops
Update 1.3.2 : 
Fixed bug not allowing other chests/menus with inventory to be opened on ginger island (Android wasn't updated because nothing changed)

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