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Eggs now are an Universal Loved Gift on Egg Festival day

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I was playing with this amazing and super creative mod called Festive Valley by SmolHooman and there colorful eggs and chocolate bunnies begin to spawn on the whole map right before Egg Festival. I thought they were new items and naive as I am, I went and gifted one to Abigail right away... and she hated it. I was deeply hurt and then I realized that SmolHooman, cleverly so, had just changed the assets of eggs and cookies to look like easter eggs and chocolate bunnies, for 3 days, and Abigail dislikes All Eggs, no matter how colorful they are! The audacity!

So I made this mod to make eggs and cookies Universal-Loved gifts from Spring 12 to Spring 14.

GitHub page:

Start the game with this mod at least once to generate the config.json in the mod folder.
You can change it editing the config.json file or using GenericModConfigMenu

* "LovedGift": "allyear" or "festival"
- default is "festival", making eggs and cookies Universal-Loved gifts from Spring 12 to Spring 14, and just those days. 
- allyear make them Universal-Loved all year

* ReallyUniversalLove : "true" or "false" - personal preferences sometimes override universal ones, so to make sure that every Vanilla NPC loves the gift we have this option. If you want to have 100% sure that someone will love the gift, set to true, otherwise, the default is fine.
- default: false

. It works with Vanilla NPCs and modded NPC (if a modded NPC has a set personal preference to eggs or cookies, there is a change that it will override the Universal Gift list, so it's not 100% guaranteed that it will work for them. The configuration option "ReallyUniversalLove" only deals with Vanilla NPC preferences.


Update: 1.0.1

Now it's fully compatible with Emyn's Alternate Festivals. This mod willl check if you have Emyn's mod installed automatically, and if it's the case, instead of eggs and cookies, the new Universal Loved Gifts will be mushrooms (except Red Mushrooms), Fried Mushroom and Life Elixir. The same configuration options are applicable.

Please delete the old files before applying the update- don't overwrite them.

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