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Changes Leah's hair to auburn.

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Leah as a redhead is cool, but what if her hair was auburn? In the original game, Leah, Penny, and Robin all have pretty much exactly the same color hair, which can sometimes make it hard to tell them apart. 

What this mod does:
  • Changes Leah's portraits to have auburn (dark red) hair
  • Changes Leah's sprites to have auburn (dark red) hair
  • Fixes Leah's sprite to have asymmetric side views, to match the asymmetry in the front view
  • Slightly changes the shape of Leah's hair

This mod is not compatible with any mods that change Leah's sprite or portraits, for obvious reasons. (It will still load but you may or may not see the edits, depending on which mod loads last. If you want this mod to have the last say, you will have to add false dependencies to your other sprite/portrait mods.) You can toggle the sprite and portrait edits separately with the config file.

Please do not ask me for any other character art/sprite edits—I do not currently have any planned.

This mod was partially inspired by Dark red haired Leah and Leah Better Side View Hairstyle (both very old XNB mods), but the art was drawn independently by me and this mod includes the new 1.5 portraits/sprites as well.