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Adds options to prevent picking up furniture by type.

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What It Does:
Have you ever wanted to superglue your furniture to the floor? You don't just want to do something sensible, like Stop Rug Removal, which only prevents you from picking up rugs when there's actually something on top of them. You want superglue to the max!

If so, this mod is for you! It has a bunch of config options to let you pick which furniture you want to be glued down, and I highly recommend using GMCM to let you toggle them on/off without having to close and reopen, or you might accidentally imprison yourself in furniture. GMCM is listed as a requirement, but it is not actually strictly required. If you have questions about GMCM, please read the GMCM mod description.

How to Use:
For details on the config options,  see the README here

The source code is here:
Release notes are here:

An immense thank you to atravita, whose Interaction Tweaks aka Stop Rug Removal was both a great inspiration and an extremely helpful reference when making this mod.