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A selection of hairstyles, hats, shirts and skirts inspired by Cardcaptor Sakura - including 7 of Sakura's iconic costumes from the anime.

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Cardcaptor Sakura Collection (Hair, hats, shirts and skirts!) Version 1.5
This collection is not complete - I still have more ideas and will update it at some point with more skirts, shirts and accessories.
You can keep track of my progress here

What the title says. This is a big pack, so let's get to it.



→ Sakura Kinomoto: 4 versions, two with buns and two without. Some top pixels have been shaved off versions 2 and 4 so that the hairs look better with some hats (especially the crown with version 2 and the alice bow with version 4).
→ Syaoran Li: 1 version
→ Tomoyo Daidoji: 1 version
→ Meilin Li: 1 version
→ Eriol Hiiragizawa: 1 version


→ 10 new hats/hair accessories that replace some of the ones from the base game. Every new hat works with all hairs (there's no ugly reset to a default hairstyle when you wear them)


→ 10 new shirts ripped straight from the series, including 7 of Sakura's most iconic cardcaptor costumes and Syaoran and Meilin's ceremonial garb


→ 7 new skirts to complete Sakura's cardcaptor look. You MUST have Jinxiewinxie and Advize's Get Dressed mod for these to work, as you will need to override one of that mod's files for these to show up as bottom options. These skirts come pre-coloured, so you'll have to set your bottoms colour to absolute white in the Get Dressed menu for all the colours to show up properly.

The override gives you 12 bottoms - the first 5 are the farmer trouser defaults, which you can swap out yourselves if you want to add in any of your own designs. The CCS skirts run from number 6 to 12. Sock and shoe colours included.

**All of Sakura's outfits use Get Dressed's shoe type 3, except for the Snow Rabbit outfit, which uses shoe type 2. Use the matching shoe types or the shoe colours won't show up properly! :)

MASSIVE thank you to Jinxiewinxie and Advize for the Get Dressed mod - you guys are incredible and if it wasn't for your amazing work I would never have been able to make a complete collection <3

Please respect my work as an artist and do not redistribute my work on other websites or claim as your own. If, for any reason, you want to use my mods as a base or include them in compilations please contact me first for permission, either on Nexus or the Chucklefish Forums ^.^

Credits: Karina1985 for her long hair mod, as one of them was used as the base for Meilin's hair. Jinxiewinxie and Advize.



Wow, Walpi-chan, I love the adorable school skirt and the shoes Sakura wears in her outfits - where can I get them?

They're part of Jinxiewinxie's Get Dressed mod, which you can download here.


How to Install

→ Download the .rar file from the [Downloads] tab above
→ On your desktop, open the directory the .rar file was saved to (usually 'Downloads' folder)
and extract the mod folder (use WinRAR/something similar) - it's called Cardcaptor Sakura Collection
→ Inside you'll find two folders: Farmer and Overrides
→ Open the Stardew Valley Content directory in a new window:
Usually this directory is under:
Program Files (x86) → Steam → steamapps → common → Stardew Valley → Content

→ Open Characters → Farmer. Copy everything in Farmer into this folder (make sure to keep backups of the originals somewhere).
→ Now return to steamapps → common → Stardew Valley and open the Mods folder, where you installed Get Dressed. Open Get Dressed → overrides
→ replace the female_bottoms.png file inside with the one inside Overrides (again, back up the original file somewhere)
→ You're done! Start your game up and cosplay as your favourite cardcaptor! :3