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A modern refurnish of the ginger island farmhouse(with two pools!).

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How to have two different looking kitchen for your two farmhouses:
I'm using a modified version of Chic Cute Kitchen made by myself in the screenshot (which i wont be sharing). You can put a png of the kitchen you would like to use in the folder of this mod, the name of the png should be farmhouse_tiles.png

Known Problems!!
  • When the farmhouse is first unlocked, the furnitures would be in weird places.
  • Cannot change the walls or floors, or put any funitures on the walls. Unforturnately I modified the house a bit too much, so that the orginal layout of the farmhouse is changed, therefore you are stuck with the walls and floors that i chose. If you are familiar with using tiled, or how to modify the png for mods, its possible to change the walls and floors yourself. 
  • The fridge cant be opened, but the kitchen is functional.

The map recolor is made by me :D, although you can only see a tiny portion of the recolor. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you've encountered a bug, or have any suggestions!

DustBeauty for her beautiful foliage Stardew Foliage Redone.
Inspired by Her Majesty Builds's Nizuc Villa.

截图里我用的是自己改色的Chic Cute Kitchen。如果你不想和主农舍用同一种厨房美化,可以把你想使用的厨房美化的png放在这个mod的文件夹里,注意png的名字应该是farmhouse_tiles.png。

  • 刚解锁姜岛农舍时家具会在奇怪的的地方。
  • 壁纸和地板无法更换,墙上无法放置家具。由于我对游戏原版姜岛农舍的改动过大,房屋格局也被改动过了,所以只能用我选的壁纸和地板了哈哈哈(被打)。如果你会用tiled或者知道怎么修改png文件,可以自行更换壁纸和地板。
  • 冰箱无法使用,但厨房功能正常。


DustBeauty 的植物素材 Stardew Foliage Redone
灵感来源Her Majesty Builds

小红书:科林   261392706