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Restored an unfinished "cut content" map.

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Last Updated: [03/22/2017]     Current Version: [v1.1]

Apparently there was an old planned bus interior map that was cut, but still in the files. I've restored it and used it as an interior for Pam's bus:


I had to make some edits to the map:
- Removed the bus driver (that's Pam's job!).
- Flipped the map so it made sense spatially as Pam's bus (it was facing the wrong direction).
- Added in some of the never-implemented but finished animations for some of the character tiles.

Also as a means to make this map a tad more useful, you can activate the driver's seat and *cough* drive yourself to the Desert if you're impatient and don't feel like waiting for Pam, or too cheap to buy a ticket. :]



- Advanced Location Loader (and all of it's requirements).

*Made for v1.8 of SMAPI and v1.2 of ALL. I will try to keep it up to date with any updates to either of those things, just know that if I don't then it might not work anymore!

This mod WILL NOT WORK with the nightly build (the v1.2 beta update). Once it is fully released I will update this mod to it, but until then this mod will only work with v1.11 ofSDV.


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- Fixed the flipped posters.

- Initial Release.