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Improves and adds a huge amount of visual feedback, great mod for a first play through!

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UiModSuite(Version 1) - The main idea here is to give useful feedback without going into the details of the games mechanics and without feeling like a cheat! I've seen a lot of mods that get too technical and here I will be avoiding that. Features include

  • Display an icon that represents the current days luck
  • Display experience point gains
  • Display a dynamic experience bar that changes based on your current tool or location
  • Display more accurate heart levels ( hearts are filled in based on how close you are to gaining one )
  • Display more information on item mouseover, including items that are still needed for bundles
  • View calendar and quest billboard anywhere
  • Display icons over animals that need petting
  • Display crop type and days until harvest on mouseover
  • Display icon when animal has item yield ( milk/wool )
  • Sprinkler and scarecrow range finder
  • Display npcs locations on map

Possible improvements - ON HOLD
  • Display list of gifts already given to NPCs and their likeness towards them

  • keysForBarrelAndCropTimes: key press to display barrel and crop times
  • canRightClickForBarrelAndCropTimes: allow right click to display barrel and crop time
  • Sprinkler: the range for sprinkler and scarecrows, defaults to the standard ranges but can be edited in case another mod alters this behavior
No compatibility issues have been reported
Additionally if you wish to remove a feature, there is a menu tab added to the in game menu which will allow you to completely remove any feature you do not wish to use.