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Adds cute fairies using Custom Critters.

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5 different variations. They appear in the farm, town, forest, bus stop, mountain, woods, and secret woods during spring, summer, and fall.


  •  Unzip the file and put the rosedryad.fairies folder into the Custom Critters/Critters folder.

  • The fairies are not able to face different directions with the Custom Critters framework. I'll look into making a version using Custom Companions later.

  • In the rosedryad.fairies folder, you'll find a critter.json. Open it with Notepad or of the like.
  • Find "SpawnConditions".
  • Seasons: By default, it is set to spring, summer, and fall. You can change it to any or all of the seasons. ["spring", "summer", "fall", "winter"] 
  • Locations: [ "Farm", "FarmHouse", "FarmCave", "Greenhouse", "Town", "Forest", "BusStop", "Woods", "Backwoods", "Mountain" ]
    You can remove any of the locations or add more. 
  • Find "SpawnAttempts".
  • To change how much they spawn, increase or decrease the number. The default is set to 25.
    Note: Make sure to save the file as .json and not as .txt

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