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This is a mod that changes the character dialog box to wisteria style. Try this if you think the original dialog box is too boring!Hope you can love this.

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替换文件之前一定要备份!!!将文件名改成你游戏的版本,比如原版是Cursors.xnb,然后将文件放入D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Content\LooseSprites 中替换。如果是中文版本就直接替换就好了,不需要改。如果一定要改成英文版,可以看下面的英文版介绍,中文简介就不讲啦最后,食用愉快!希望你们可以喜欢!Always back up files before replacing them!!Change the file name to your version of the game, e.g. the original: "Cursors. xnb", then put the file into D: SteamLibrary/steamapps,/common/ Stardew Valley/ Content/ LooseSpritesBecause my file has been replaced, I can only provide the Chinese version, if you want to change to another language, you can use Xnbcil to unpack your "Cursors. xnb" and then replace the original dialog box's part with "Cursors(Only revised part)", which I gave you, in Photoshop. Then use Xnbcil again to pack it into .xnb and replace it in your LooseSprites.Of course, this may take you some time. If you don't mind having a few words in Chinese, please just use my .xnb file and delete ".zh-CN".Holp you can love this mod!