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A pack of different xnb mods that add accessories, hats, hair, and shirts to your game!

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Update 5/28- The hats files have been updated for 1.2
If you have any problems with this mod or any questions, please go to the official support forum:


A total of 64 brand new accessories added to the game! These range from facial hair, to glasses, to earrings, and much more! You will need the GetDressed Mod in order to see these new accessories. That mod adds it's own accessories, so if you want both you will have to manually combine them.


One of my most ambitious works yet! This mod doesn't just give you hats for the game, it doesn't replace any of the original hats!
That's right, that's 139 new hats in your game that you don't have to unlock achievements to wear. I am currently working on a new NPC store
that sells these hats, but for now you will need CJB's Item Spawner in order to get these new hats. As an added bonus, these new hats, plus the old ones won't cover up your cute hair styles like they have in the past. Now you don't have to sacrifice a cute hairstyle for a cute hat!


After updating this mod, there are now 112 new shirts in the game, with more planned in the future!
The pink raincoat is inspired by Ailin's darling raincoat for Jas


*Hairstyles shown in the Sailor Moon Example are not included in this mode

Hair SMAPI Mod

Included is a SMAPI Mod that the wonderful DEMIACLE helped make with me. This mod, when used with the GetDressed Mod, forces hairstyle organization. All of the men's styles are listed first, followed by the women's. So when you change genders with the GetDressed Mod the styles of the gender you choose will start in the right place, no more flipping through the gender you aren't looking for. If you do use this, any new styles from other mods you want to use will have to manually be added to the file.


As and added bonus I have included templates for Accessories, Hats, and Hairstyles so that you can start making your own too! I would love to help out anyone who would like to learn how to make these sorts of mods  for themselves, so let me know if you have any questions!

That's all for now, if you would like more information about this mod and others I have made, please check out the official discussion page: Garages, Horses, and Hair...Oh My!