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Allows you to create and store different outfits to wear inside, outside, when you are at the beach, or if you are in non-sunny weather.

Permissions and credits
DynamicClothing - 1.1.0
Change your clothing based on the conditions of the world you're in.

• Stardew Valley
• Generic Mod Config Menu

• Ability to create outfits (Shirt, Pants, and Hats) to wear indoors, outdoors, in weather, and on the beach.
• Outfits exist per save and can be edited directly in their respective JSON files.
• Pants can be colored using RGB values.

:: QUIRKS ::
• Index of clothing articles is needed to set each outfit.
• Should work with any clothes mod, so long as clothing indices is known/implemented.
• "Order of operations" for determinining outfit priority is the following: Indoor > Weather > Beach > Outdoor
• We manually decided which areas are indoors vs. outdoors. If you disagree, or find an error, let us know!

• Hats sometimes switch on and off indoors and outdoors.
• Config menu values sometimes default to the original -1.
• Clothing items appear in inventory still, but have little effect.

• Include the option to have outfits for each season.
• Include the option to have outfits for in-game events.
• Remove clothing items from initial character creation/stop infinite clothes (if they exist?) 
• Better, more visual UI.

::  CREDITS ::
♦ Thrwnear for inspiration, idea, and motivation
♦ CompSciLauren for coding advice and inspiration
♦ Stardew Valley discord for troubleshooting and help with setup

Special thanks to thrwnear for the idea and inspiration.

Built with help from CozyClothing's Creator: CompSciLauren