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Asterisk555 and Elle

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Alternative Textures packs for all of Elle's farm animal mods!

Permissions and credits

- All textures from Elle's retextures for farm animals converted to use with Alternative Textures
- Use multiple texture packs at the same time
- All items are tagged with keywords so they're easier to find in-game
- Compatible with CP mods that retexture animals

1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
2. Install the latest version of Alternative Textures.
3. Extract into your \Stardew Valley\Mods\ folder.
4. Run the game using SMAPI.
5. In game, go to Robin's Carpenter Shop and purchase the Scissors at the bottom of the list.
6. With the scissor tool selected, click on the animal you want to retexture.
7. Find the texture you want! You can navigate by clicking the arrow keys or typing keywords in the search bar in the top right. Information about keywords can be found below. Once you see the one you want, just click to apply it! There's a video on how to use the tools in-game on this page

All textures in this mod can be searched for in the AT search bar using keywords. For example, all horse images are tagged with the name of the mod, saddle colour, and horse type in that specific order (e.g. Elle's New Horses GreenSaddle Andalusian). Horses without saddles are tagged "NoSaddle" or "False".
The keywords work more like phrases than individual words; you have to type the words in a specific order. Looking for "Saddle Green" wouldn't work, but "Green", "GreenSaddle", or "Elle's New Horses GreenSaddle Andalusian" will.

How to use keywords:
1. Look up which texture you want has what keywords based on the reference images found within each pack's folder
2. Right click on the animal with the scissor tool
3. Type the keywords in the search bar in the top right corner

- See the official Wiki for the Alternative Textures framework to see what it can do and how you can make your own content packs
- If you buy the animals after installing the mod a texture will randomly be assigned to the animals, so you don't have to assign unique textures manually.
- If you feel like there are too many images, individual content packs can be disabled by deleting folders that you don't want in order to uninstall them. Don't just delete individual images unless you know how to update the "texture.json", however.
- Mods can also be temporarily disabled by putting a "." at the beginning of the folder name. This will only work on the main folder, though, and not on folders inside the "Textures" folder.

- Baby ducks in the original CP mod are actually just baby chickens, so textures unique to ducks like "Mallard" won't show up until the duck grows up.
- All bug reports will require a smapi log

- AT content pack textures work with Adopt 'n' Skin and More Animals
- You can have as many different AT pack as you want
- Compatible with Horse Overhaul
- Works in multiplayer if everyone has the same mods installed
- Not mobile compatible until/unless the app gets the 1.5 update

1.0.0 - All textures added

- Elle's Town Animals
- Elle's Seasonal Buildings
- Elle's Kitchen Replacement