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Just letting people who know who Ol' Razzy is that I have started to work on a new mod using Razolyn to separate her from the Wizard role.  That's right.. she's going to be her own lady.  I also made a new Portrait/sprite for her to further match her mother Hiroshi.  I got lots of projects going on.. and I have to play through SDV again to see what I need to work with in terms of the new content.


  1. meitneriumoxide
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    I personally can't wait! .. is she going to be an apprentice to the wizzard to minimize changes? ... either way I can't wait to see a real decent new NPC .. so rare
  2. Tmck290307
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    She looks really good!
    1. MissCoriel
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      This one is made by me but ParadigmNomad will update the original sprites as well.. so you can have it either way x3