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WIP NPC New Design 3

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Since the mod's progress is coming along, I thought I'd transfer over to ingame screens so you can see how the sprite and portrait blends with the art of the game instead of just the plain portrait :)

While I was somewhat satisfied with Xena's last design, I took advantage of Phil Cho's art which looks much better than what I previously had and got to work on it.

phil-cho for the direct permission to use their work.

rynorc for commissioning the artwork that I used as a base and for allowing me to use their art commissions to phil-cho for my Stardew Valley npcs

joaco101097 for allowing me to use their overworld sprites made in the style of Stardew Valley

Also for anyone who saw the WIP vid I posted, I changed Hasla's floor into a bigger residential floor (J'Tae still gets her own floor though since she has ownership of the place).
Here's the second vid of the WIP map if you're curious:
Still got some decorating to do for that floor as you can see. Also need to create a proper schedule for the npcs so they'll get out of their rooms, but that'll be one of the last things I do.
This should also be better for those who want to add their npcs to this place since I can just set up the residential floor and you can just decorate a much smaller sized room (but for anyone who wants to make additions like a maintenance floor and stuff like that, I definitely wouldn't mind).
Each home is going to have its own interior with 1 or more residents living in them. Already got enough different npcs with their own portrait and sprite work done to fill all of the homes on the floor!

And since I've been posting about this mod for quite a bit here's a list of things I'm still working on before releasing just to give you an idea.
1. Finalize Portrait/Overworld Sprite designs/edits
2. Decorating the place and creating spouse rooms
3. Continue creating daily dialogue for all npcs including marriage dialogue for the new bachelors and bachelorettes which consist of aliens and humans such as Xena (alien spacer), Hasla (alien researcher), and Ashanti (human witch, probably be the next one I'll show with some details on her character after I decide on her hairstyle).
4. Schedules

After release:
Also now that the design of the mod has changed recently from a few separate hidden alien npcs to this government funded base with a decent amount of npcs living within it, I'll be adding the very time consuming to create/add/test heart events after the release since I don't want to have to wait to release this mod for too long due to trying to add all the events though the event introducing the player to the base will be in.
If I waited to add all of the events the mod release could easily be prolonged for 6+ months or even a year depending on the final npc count (currently 14 npcs) so this will at least give you and me something to enjoy. And if I never get around to it, at least the mod will be out there for others to add their own events/build on.

ETA on mod release: hopefully a release can be seen in 2-3 months at the latest. Don't want to give a hard release since anything can happen to delay it, but just going off of the rapid progress lately in the last few weeks. Will continue posting updates to show new npcs and such in the meantime so you can see what else to look forward to :)