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Raven WIP NPC Design 3

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Just wanted to share the progress over the past several days.
Decided to combine the aspects of both designs and do some other stuff so now there's just going to be one design.

Of course there's still some polishing like shading, checking saturation levels, dealing with some stray pixels, etc. but the overall look you see here I'm pretty satisfied with.

Also made a hooded variant of Raven in her Human and Demon form. For her demon form I'm still deciding if I want horns or no horns so here's the options.

Also took the aspect of the DraganD design and working on an no feathered robes version of Phil's robe design.

The middle that has four eyes is her mid transformation so as she transforms in the dialogue you'll see her going from human to semi demon to full demon. May include some purple glow like a aura or something for the mid transformation portrait. We'll see.

More robe colors are planned whether for seasons or for when you go into Raven's mind in her introduction and meet her emoticlones.

Also plan to have her wear casual outfits such as the clothes you see here:

DraganD from Deviantart
Check their work out here:
(received direct permission)

phil-cho from Deviant art
Check their incredible artwork out here:
(received direct permission)

Commissioner is Roysovitch from DeviantArt
You can check their stuff out here:
(received direct permission)

sion9000 for their upload of their upload of the Anthro Characters mod (
(received direct permission)


  1. MaryOliver28
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    She looks stunning!
    1. NexusUser7B2
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      Thank you!
      Poured a lot more time than I probably should've into trying so many things, but the artwork that everyone let me use deserved the respect. :D