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Rachel Roth aka Raven Custom NPC Alt Design

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I received DraganD's direct permission a little bit ago to use their Raven stuff as a base so thought I'd do some further edits since I can now make use of them and share an alternate WIP design for Raven. I mixed both of their Raven portraits together.
For comparison see their art:

Will likely offer both this and phil-cho's version as options since both designs are great in their own way. Or I may choose one and mix some elements of the other into my choice like using all the outfits to have a full seasonal set.

Also will probably use the casual clothing that you can see in one of the images as an additional set of clothing for her just like I plan to do with phi-cho's Raven artwork here:

DraganD from Deviantart for the amazing base. This wouldn't have been possible for me without them.
Check their work out here: