Hi, Farmers! I upload Flower Valley 2.00!
I added seasonal flowers. This is inspired by the blooming flowers in my country SOUTH KOREA! 
If you are interested in what the added flowers are, read this article :)

Little trees is changed to forsythia(개나리[GeaNaRi]). This is a small tree with lovely yellow flowers.
Small bush in town is recolored to more deeper pink, because I want to its look like Azalea(진달래[jindallae]).
Pine tree is changed to Koelreuteria paniculata(모감주나무[MoGamJu Namu]). This tree has a colorful yellow flower in late spring or early summer.

Small bush in town is changed to Hydrangea(수국[SuGuk]) This flower Loves water so much that it's korea name is mean "Water Chrysanthemum".
Sunflowe added into small tree.
Maple tree is changed to Lagerstroemia indica(배롱나무[BaeLong Namu]). This tree is also called "백일홍[Baeg-ilHong](The Flower blooming for a hundred days)" because the flowers looks very long blooming. In game, Pink flowers are added to this tree.
Oak tree is changed to  Cornus kousa(산딸나무[SanTtal Namu]).In game, White flowers are added to this tree.  The fruit of this tree is similar to a raspberry and can be eaten. (but only flowers were implemented to game. Because I don't know about coding so I can't add this fruit to system.I don't want to put in "fake" fruit.)

All bush and little tree changed to White and Yellow Chrysanthemum(국화[GukWha]). Chrysanthemum is traditionally loved in Korea.
Fall of Korea is very colorful so I recolored all tree.
Oak tree is green, pine tree changed more red to look like maple. 
Maple tree is recolored to Yellow, because I want to its look like Ginkgo biloba. 
This tree is pretty common in Korea. It will be a pretty yellow in autumn, but its fruit has a bad smell.(HAHA) But foliage is really beautiful.

Add some flower into field. 
All bush changed to Camellia(동백[DongBaeg]) with Pink, Red, White(small tree). Camellia blooms in winter, and this flower is very attractive. Especially, the scenery with snow on red flowers is very fascinating.
Oak and Maple tree changed to Prunus mume(매화[Mae-hwa]) with Pink, Red.(White was not visible on the map, so I changed it to pink.) This tree is a kind of plum. Because this tree blooms very early, it is very beautiful when snow accumulates on flowers. If this tree bloom its flower, you will know that winter is over and soon spring is coming.

Thank you for reading.
enjoy it!

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