Stardew Valley

The first release comes with a limited set of 8 prefab elements:

  • Label - A simple text element
  • Button - A blank clickable element
  • CheckBox - A clickable element with a toggleable value
  • TextBox - A simple focusable element that allows text input
  • ItemBox - A clickable element with an item value
  • Container - A simple container element that allows multiple elements to be attached to it
  • StackPanel - A container that automatically aligns elements in it's given orientation
  • WrapPanel - A stackpanel variant that automatically wraps content based on its orientation and max-width / max-height

I chose to go with a limited set of elements for the first release so testing can focus on some key elements, the feedback of which will help create more complex elements. Also, if I were to just keep adding more elements until I was finally satisfied, I would never be able to release anything 
(speaking from experience)

Some elements which are already planned include:
  • Dropdown - A clickable element with multiple selectable values
  • Scrollbar - A clickable element that, when used alongside any container, can offset the elements currently in view
  • ListView - An element that accepts a template and applies it for each item in a given list of values (I'm trying to find a better way to describe this I promise)

Alongside this, I'm also working on some new Menu templates, including a version of the default chest menu, and a debug menu, which allows you to select elements in the menu you're making and view/edit their values at runtime.

This, however, is all future speak. Let's first focus on getting the basics working
(like a working element snap system)

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