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  • Adding Ores and Forage and Resource spawns to your Farm.

    As a map maker, you may want to have the ability to have ores, berries, stumps, logs, and more to spawn on your custom farm map. This can be done within MTN by setting the "ResourceClumps" tag for Stumps, Logs, and Boulders, the "Foraging", for berries, mushrooms and various other natural items, and the "Ores" for Ores and Geodes to spawn on your custom farm map.

    All three tags share very similar layout configuration in the farmType.json file. However, slight variations and functions do exists. I will provide an example for a few, and cover the (oh so slight) differences between foraging, ores, and resource spawning in terms of functionality. Afterwords, I will provide an ID list for everything. Take note that this may feel like a lot, as the spawning rules are very flexible. <...

  • Overriding a Maps warp points.

    This article assumes you've read: Using MTN for your custom farm.

    While creating your custom farm map, you may have the desire to restructure the entry points of your farm. The entry points of your farms, that connect to the neighboring maps to the farm such as Cindersap Forest, Bus Stop, etc, are handled by the Warp functionality within Stardew Valley. These warps are placed within the map themselves, via map properties. You can see this property by open a map in Tiled, selecting Map in the menu followed by Map Properties. Take note that each map only considers their own warp points, and not their neighbors. That means, if you relocate the entry/exit points to the neighboring maps, warping from Bus Stop to the Farm may pose a problem.

    MTN mitigates this issue w...

  • Working On and Planned features

    Currently Working on Coffee \ Tonic addiction, might be out around next week(will actually play the game for a bit and see how it all works out).

    Other planned things:
    Optional hunger system that affect your max stamina, instead of your actual stamina(Tied in with the hang-over system).
    HungerBar(Not very important IMO, but if hunger will affect maxStamina, it'll be a bit more important).
    Addiction to coffee(requiring your daily dose or your energy \ max energy will suffer).
    Addiction to Tonics

        If you have something you'd like to see around the idea of consumption \ this mod, feel free to leave a comment and I just might implement it :)....

  • Configuration Doc


    HealthRegenRate: 2 (the amount of health you get per second)
    StaminaRegenRate: 2 (the amount of stamina you get per second)
    SecondsUntilHealthRegen: 2 (if you took dmg, this number is the cooldown in seconds until you start regenerating again(must be a whole number, not 1.5 or etc.))
    SecondsUntilStaminaRegen: 2 (if you used stamina, this number is the cooldown in seconds until you start regenerating again(must be a whole number, not 1.5 or etc.))...

  • Good Morning Stardew Farmers

    Are you as annoyed by all of those wasted trips to the farm cave, greenhouse, and/or cellar, only to find that you have nothing ready to harvest? 
    No more wasted time! Wake up every morning to notifications for locations with ready to harvest items.

    Upon the start of every day, this mod will inspect various locations for any harvestable items for you! If any items are found, a notification will be displayed let you know where you have work to do....

  • Introducing the Weather Machine

    The scientists at Stardew Valley Laboratory made a break through in climate engineering and have discovered a way to bring the weather conditions from the real world into Stardew Valley, now you really can experience the real world from the comfort of your couch.

    This mod modifies the world's weather system to set the next day weather conditions based on weather reports from the user's actual location.
    It uses Weather Underground's extensive API system to grab weather reports and display's it to you on an easy to read HUD pop-up that occurs every 3 hours in a given game day starting at 6am. Letting you know what to expect for the weather in game tomorrow as well as your own location's current weather condition.


    Features in Version 0.0.1

  • The Oracle Forest Farm

    Hello everyone,

    This is another farm layout made by me to complement the 'House of the Oracle' house edit but can be used by itself. I made these 2 mods to create a more witchy/magical vibe on my farm.

    This file replaces the original Forest/Foraging Farm layout.
    Inside the .zip is a content pack file compatible with Content Patcher. To use Content Patcher you also need SMAPI installed. I'm using Content Patcher to avoid overwriting original game files, so you're not losing anything and can go back to the original game easily. (Thanks to arjay0 for explaining CP to me)

    If you do NOT want to use Content Patcher do the following:
    - Go to your game folder StardewValley/content/maps
    - find the Farm_Foraging.xnb file, copy this to a safe pl...


    I have posted Keyboard Mod Menu on Curseforge, You can get it from here or Curseforge

    Just click here to go check it out!...

  • Quarry Coordinates for Mining at the Farm

    Default and Fangs108


    DiamondGrey, Hill-Top, Ubercow, and vadie254




    BlackMeridion, Norisunine, Rudo86 BIG, and TheNewBeet


    Cherryblossonhh, Moist Kiwi, Plumprumps, and  Xangria

        "Farm": ...

  • config.json CONFIGURATION Instructions

    You can find this in the download folder called config_instructions.txt

    A few things



    This is what you would see when opening the config.json by default
    "PlainGreenhouse": "disabled"
    -"PlainGreenhouse" (disabled by default)
         - "enabled" to remove the table, the fountain and the benches
         - "disabled" is default...

  • Truffle Fox

    A mod to replace pigs with truffle foxes...

  • Installation Guide for Optional Files


    Install SMAPI (2.7 or later)
    Install Content Patcher (1.4 or later)
    Install Immersive Farm 2 (any version should work ???)
    Download the Secret Gardens for Immersive Farm 2 Compatibility file and Extract/Unzip to Stardew Valley/ModsImmersive Farm 2
    Let the files replace themselves (or you can make a backup the farm.tbin and greenhouse.tbin in the Immersive Farm 2 folder(eg.greenhouse_if2.tbin) ).


    Delete Immersive Farm 2 and reinstall it so that the greenhouse changes back OR...
    If you made a backup of the Farm.tbin and the Greenhouse.tbin in the Immersive Farm 2, rename the secret garden's farm.tbin and greenhouse.tbin file to something else (eg....


    Just better discord presence ...

  • Future plans

    MY future pans if there is any interest is to make other characters into RWBY characters, current plans are:
    Abigal as Blake Belladonna,
    Emily as Ruby Rose (because she should be Yang's sister),
    Leah as Weiss,
    Lewis as Ozpin.

    Leave a comment if there is a particular one you want me to make sooner then later....

  • Resolving Conflict with Content Patcher Mods That Replace Map

    When another mod, typically a Content Patcher mod, tries to replace loosesprites/map, SMAPI will default to using the original map which will not work with NPC Map Locations since it uses its own modified map for accurate tracking.

    You will need to go to the conflicting mod's folder and edit its content.json. Find a field for:
    "Action": "Load",
    "Target": "LooseSprites/map",
    "FromFile": "assets/map.png",
    "Enabled": "true"

    And then change the "Enabled" field to false like so:
    "Action": "Load",
    "Target": "LooseSprites/map",
    "FromFile": "assets/map.png",
    "Enabled": "false"

    If there is no field for "Enabled", just add it in...

  • Adding Translations

    The files used to translate text in the mod can be found in NPCMapLocations/i18n.

    default - English
    de - German
    es - Spanish
    ja - Japanese
    pt - Portuguese
    ru - Russian
    zh - Chinese

    Text translation
    To translate the text, you have to look at the default translation, and then translate the English values to the respective language.

    Example: English to Spanish

    "minimap.label": "Minimap",
    "minimap.option1": "Enabled",
    "minimap.plusMinus1": "Minimap width",
    "minimap.plusMinus2": "Minimap height",
    "immersion.label": "Settings:",
    "immersion.option1": "Always show villagers",
    "immersion.option2": "Show vil...

  • Adding Modded Locations and Custom Locations

    A video tutorial is available for this part.

    Using Custom Locations ("CustomMapLocations": {} in the config file.)
    This field is used to indicate on the map where the character should show when the character is in the specified location. 

    MapX: The X position on the map in pixels
    MapY: The Y position on the map in pixels
    TileX: The X tile position in game in the tilemap for the location
    TileY: The Y tile position in game in the tilemap for the location

    Note that for MapX and MapY values, you should be using the map file in NPCMapLocations/assets, and then increasing the image size by 4x before indicating positions.

    Building/Indoor Locations
    Only a MapX and MapY value is required. This point should be the center...

  • Adjusting Marker Cropping For Modded Sprites and Custom NPCs

    The mod crops the villager heads from the sprites to create map markers. For any custom sprites or sprite re-textures, this will have to be adjusted.

    - Open the NPC Map Locations config file for the save file using the mods.
    - Find "CustomCropOffsets": {} and inside of the brackets, add changes to villagers by adding "": , where a positive offset lowers the sprite and a negative offset raises the sprite. You will most likely have to do some trial-and-error to figure out the exact numbers.

    - Example for Adarin's Bachelorette Mod (NPC Sprite Re-textures):
    "CustomCropOffsets": {  
    "Alex": 3,
    "Elliott": 2,
    "Harvey": 5,
    "Sam": 2,
    "Sebastian": 3

  • Changing Mod Hotkeys

    Hotkeys for the mod can be changed in the config files. 

    Changing Mod Hotkeys:
    - Go to the relevant config file inside of NPCMapLocations/config folder. Open it up with a text editor of your choice and find the line with the key you want to change such as 
    "MenuKey": "Tab" or "MinimapToggleKey": "OemPipe"

    - Replace the value with one of these keys:
    - For example, to change it to the tilde (`) key you would change it to "MinimapToggleKey": "OemTilde"

  • Editing Config File

    The config file for NPC Map Locations includes various customizations for hotkeys, mod settings, and support for other mods. They are created per save file and can be found in NPCMapLocations/config.

      "NameTooltipMode": 1,            | Value representing mode for map tooltip location (changed in mod menu)
      "ImmersionOption": 1,            | Value representing mode showing NPCs (changed in mod menu)
      "ByHeartLevel": false,           | Value representing mode for showing NPCs (changed in mod menu)
      "HeartLevelMin": 0,              | Value representing mode for showing NPCs (changed in mod menu)
      "HeartLevelMax": 12,             | Value representing mode for showing NPCs (changed in mod menu)