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  • Meu primeiro mod

    Desejo feedback, Qualquer um que possa me guiar para um caminho de aprendizagem.

    Espero que gostem. ...

  • Silkworm over Dinosaur

    Replaces dinosaur with the silkworm from Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. It still produces dinosaur eggs (only because I can't find the item sprites)....

  • README_FOR_INSTRUCTIONS (included in download)

    This is a Content Patcher Template. It does nothing on its own. remove the //comments after you're done filling out the blanks, and you can also delete this README file too


    1. Put your edited xnb files into assets folder
    2. Start editing your content.json file.
    3. Start editing your manifest.json file.
    4. Upload to Nexus Mods (or other sites like Github)

    This method of PATCHING content is much better. A chart below all this info in this README.txt which was directly taken from:

    MORE H...

  • Retexturing Vanilla and Mod Created Artisan Goods

    Better Artisan Good Icons - Content Packs
    BAGI supports content packs to retexture custom items (or override BAGI's textures for vanilla items).

    You can do this by creating a Content Pack. See for general info on how to create the manifest.json for a content pack.
    For UniqueId you should use cat.betterartisangoodicons and for minimum version you should use 1.4.1.

    Content Pack Format
    BAGI expects a data.json file in the root level of the content pack (same level as the manifest.json). The format of this is as follows:

    "Fruits": A list of fruit names you want to retexture or null if you don't want to retexture wine or juice,
    "Vegetables": A list of ...



    (By Default, EVERYTHING IS "Enabled".)
    To enable a feature, type in "enabled", To disable something, type in "disabled" instead in the 'config.json'

    Features you can enable/disable in the config.json file (pretty much everything)

    Valley Life Standard Farm: the new farm map
    Valley Life Starting Farmhouse with Kitchen: a kitchen for your first un-upgraded farmhouse
    Valley Life Large Farmhouse with Attic: an attic for your large farmhouse and a dollhouse near crib (2nd upgrade($50k and 150 hardwood))
    Valley Life Greenhouse: the new greenhouse
    Valley Life Cellar: the new cellar for your maxed-out farmhouse($100k upgrade)...

  • Idle Timer

    Play all you want and don't worry if you fall asleep, I have your back.  With this mod installed I will keep a personal eye on your game and when you go idle I will stop time and ensure your crops and cattle survive while you take your beauty sleep....

  • Current Status

    In Progress:

    Add "All Villagers" functionality - This will be a config setting that switches between two modes (Eligible Villagers and All Villagers).
    The "All Villagers" mode will increase the character list to 8 per page. Page count will be determined by how many villagers the player knows.
    I currently have the code to retrieve all the villagers friendship stats and determine total number of pages needed. I just need to work on the code to dynamically render the multiple pages based on known villagers count


    Add "Gifts this week" to the list. This can be enabled/disabled via the config file.
    I'm already capturing the gifts data, I'm just trying to decide how to render it since the UI is already pretty wide now.

  • A simple greenhouse

    1. a 15 * 15 normal planting area
    2. 12 fruit tree planting areas
    3. Arbitrary plant planting area
    4. palisade plant planting area

    Sorry, my English is not good....

  • Fruits and Veggies for JsonAssets Chinese

    个人汉化,已向原MOD作者infectmeinjectme 获得授权。授权证明请转至星露谷物语贴吧。



    这个mod需要SMAPI 和Json Assets 的非官方版本SpaceCore 的非官方版本

  • MTN Compatibility

    Hello all!

    So the biggest issue I guess with this mod is that a lot of you are using MTN(cuz it’s amazing). 

    The creator recently released it for open source, so I checked it out and it appears that he replaces the entire Carpenter Menu with his own custom menu.

    This means that any other mod which adds to the vanilla Carpenter Menu by normal means(the Add method) will not work with MTN.

    That being said, I will find a way for my mod to check if you have MTN installed, and instead of using the Add method on an instance of the vanilla Carpenter Menu, use Add on an instance of MTN’s Carpenter Menu.

  • 1st addition to Nexus

    So far I have more ideas that I will want to add in to my edits & creations for Stardew Valley, been obsessed & love the game. Usually I create sprite icons for some games that are or were on Byond. I have taken quite a long break from iconning & will eventually start creating additions for use in-game on SV.

    /ᐠ・ᆽ・ᐟ \

    if anyone has any suggestions/requests for characters, I will see what I can do, I got some ideas for further Emily edits that will be in progress the next while. Maybe a sailor moon edit that a friend may possibly request.


  • What

    Article. Uhm.. waves.....

  • Hey. Hey you.

    Wanna know how to trigger the 12 heart event?

    Listen close. I can only say this once.

    Enter Harvey's room above the clinic between 9am and 3pm.

    But you didn't hear it from me....

  • Stardew Valley cute Character and Portraits

    Stardew Valley cute Character and Portraits Senbby and Sam...

  • Moving Farmhouse and other objects in MTN

    This article assumes you've read: Using MTN for your custom farm.

    As mentioned before, MTN provides creative freedom by allowing what was originally static in nature, to be placed elsewhere. This guide in particular focuses on the farm map. If you have experience in making custom farm maps, you'll know that you cannot simply move the farm house, green house, grandpa shrine, rabbit statue, pet water bowl, farm cave, mailbox, and more and expect everything to function normally. If you don't have experience, use Stardew Valley Planner to look at the official five farms. You'll notice that certain things, especially the green house and farm house, are always in the same position.

    MTN allows a map maker to move these building/objects and allows them to remain fu...

  • Using MTN for your custom farm

    MTN provides map makers creative freedom, allowing one to move objects and buildings that were previously static in nature. With the tools provided by SMAPI, a map maker needs to set up a Content Pack mod with some additional files to provide MTN with needed information. This information to allow proper functionality is must be provided within a particular file: farmType.json. It must be exactly as named, capital T and everything.

    The farmType.json is a typical JSON file. (If you are unfamiliar with JSON, you can read about it At the official website. To simply put, is it the format that is used to exchange data, and is very popular within the Stardew Valley Modding Community). If you were to look at Community Farm's farmType.json file, you will see you have quite a bit of opt...

  • Hola

    I don't know what an article is so I'm just typing stuff to see where this would be then edit it afterwards. Please ignore this.

    Edit: Still don't know what an article is for. If you know would you mind leaving a comment? Please & thank you~ :3...

  • Dapper Krobus (top hat mod)

    This aesthetic mod gives our favourite shadow brute friend a dapper companion in the form of an accesory. ...