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Custom portraits to be used in game for StarCrawlers

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UPDATE 03/12/17 Finally update, removed low quality portraits and added some new ones. A total of 50 portraits now. Recommend removing all the old portraits from your game folder and then unzipping this file into the game folder. If you don't want to lose the ones I removed, then cut and paste all the portraits somewhere else before you empty your game folder of the older files. This will be my last update for a VERY long time, thank you.

UPDATE 03/11/17 adding a 2nd file, this new file contains 20 brand new custom portraits which can be seen in the picture, example 3


UPDATE 01/25/17 replaced file with a newer file that now has a total of 50 portraits, did not change the older portraits I only added more to the file.

These are the custom portraits that I have been using in StarCrawlers and wanted to share with anyone that may enjoy using them.

To use them...
1) drop pictures inside of the StarCrawlers image folder
C:\Users\user name\AppData\LocalLow\Juggernaut Games\StarCrawlers\Images
 *if appdata does not show, then you need to turn on "view hidden views"

2) Go into the game, go to your character overview, then you will see a small icon that say "edit" bottom right corner of your portrait, click on it.

3) now enter the portrait file name and click the disk icon next to it, one at a time. When you do, you should see the picture automatically update.
*character picture is a number
*event picture is the number and the letter e
*combat picture is the number and the letter c

For example...

This will give the 3 different pictures for your portrait.

Enjoy the game and make sure to let the devs know the game is awesome :)