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Adds an assortment of portraits to the Images folder of StarCrawlers - Portraits can be selected in game.

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The Custom Portraits Pack adds a set of Portraits to StarCrawlers - 1 per class at this time. I will be adding more later - including male/female for each class.

Blonde Male Force Psycher

Red-Haired Female CyberNinja

Blue/Black Haired Male Void Psycher

Blonde Female Hacker

Brown Haired male Smuggler

Black Haired Male Engineer

Red Haired Male Solider

Feel free to make requests.


Unzip the folder and copy the contents of the Images folder into StarCrawlers  Images folder. This folder can be difficult to find as it is hidden by default in windows.

To make it easier to find - change your folders so that they are no longer hidden.

Then follow the following path for install:


If you are using multiple portrait packs you will need to re-number my files or theirs so that they do not overlap. Be sure to name all 3 portraits for each face the same (ie: Large Portrait numbered 3, Medium Portrait numbered e3, and small portrait c3). Do the same with all to place your portraits in numerical order.

*This artwork is all my own Art that I have made from scratch - to use these images in your own work or portrait packs you MUST get my permission first. The outfits that my characters are wearing were inspired by Mass Effect (Bioware).

Thank you to the creators of StarCrawlers for a fun and intriguing game.