About this mod

StarCraft Vanilla End Game Save Files, no mods installed

Permissions and credits
132 save files (118 from version 1 and 14 from version 2), no mods installed.

Includes save files of all levels of base game and Brood War.

Includes also saves of other Starcraft maps such as Deception, Mercenaries II, Resurrection IV and series such as StarCraft: Loomings/Precursor, StarCraft: Enslavers, StarCraft: Enslavers II, Bob Levels and Fire it Up!

The separate maps can be downloaded with the following links:

* Starcraft maps (contains most separate scenarios):

* Resurrection IV:

* Bob Levels:

* Fire it Up!!rtYFjAoA!Ua9WnojSEXzzEBKCYewjAyEQtool4VSLDIPRF319R3E

Save files from version 2: Twilight Struggle, Defenders of Galaxy, Zergling Round-Up, Zoo Keeper, Race of Death, Firing Line, Endurance, Execution, Hellhole, Operation Claws, Cutthroat, Mercenaries, 12 Days of SC and Last One Standing.