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ReWASD and Star Citizen control profiles to be used with an Xbox Elite controller and the ReWASD remapping software, meant to be used for ALL actions in Star Citizen. It was designed to be as intuitive and simple as possible, as if you were playing Star Citizen on console. Play SC 100% without needing mouse and keyboard

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Couch Citizen Configuration v3.9.1

This is a custom ReWASD profile to be used with an Xbox Elite controller and the ReWASD remapping software. The layout is an All-In-One config meant to be used for ALL major actions and controls in Star Citizen with no compromises (i.e. you won't have to swap to a different control input or gamepad layout for flying, etc). It was designed to be as intuitive and simple as possible while making use of the Elite's 4 underside paddles AND the Xbox button as a very useful "Advanced-Cam" button, while focusing on a few principals:

- ALL-IN-ONE: No changing of control inputs! Run to your ship after a gunfight, fly in battles, do some mining, EVA float, hop in a land vehicle, control your mobi-glass, even text chat and accept invites/missions, all while taking pretty screenshots and clips...and all done intuitively and fluidly without using a mouse or keyboard. This is "pick up n go" gaming without having to make sacrifices!

- UNIFORMITY/COMFORT across different action sets (i.e. STRAFE UP/DOWN in ships = JUMP/CROUCH on foot, ROLL LEFT = LEAN LEFT, etc)
You can literally play SC from the comfort of your couch, as if you're playing on a console. 

- KEEPING THUMBS ON THE ANALOG STICKS: This gives access to actions like JUMP, CROUCH, LEAN, STRAFING, etc., all while keeping your thumbs on the analog sticks to reinforce control of the player character within the universe

*ALL* movement axis (for flight and FPS) are all accessible SIMULTANEOUSLY!! Most configs have you hold a shift button in order to access certain movement controls but that typically causes you to sacrifice other control...NOT WITH THIS CONFIG!
You'll be circle-strafing like a pro and able to compete with players using flight sticks

- ADVANCED CAMERA CONTROL: Most SC configs focus so much on player control that they forget about Advanced Cam controls, forcing the player to use their keyboard for it, but 3rd person camera access is key to flying successfully in SC.
This config gives you great access to ALL necessary Advanced Camera actions with analog control of most camera movements, easily and intuitively. Are you a screen-archer? With this you can get those perfect shots with altered DOF, Bokeh effects, and more, without having to swap to another input or make sacrifices. Take your beautiful screenshots and/or video clips and get right back into the action without pause!

Not really liking my setup? Are you a lefty and this just doesn't work for you? Using ReWASD and in-game options you can use my config as a base to change it to fit your own personal style!

ReWASD remapping software is required for this mod!!
Price starts at $6. I think it's well worth the asking price, BUT PLS NOTE THAT YOU COULD LIKELY GET SIMILAR RESULTS USING FREE REMAP PROGRAMS LIKE JOY2KEY! pls do your research! I am not an official spokesman for ReWASD and I do not officially endorse the product...I just use it and I think it's great!
Once installed, simply download my config as well as my XML file to be imported into the game's settings, and that's all you'll need


1. Download/install ReWASD: or

2. Choose one of the main files to download from here which contains all versions of the layout with the ReWASD config and the XML file for Star Citizen (both are needed).
Load the ReWASD profile into your ReWASD application


3. Drop the .xml file into your Star Citizen game directory, in one of the following locations:

...\Star Citizen\StarCitizen\LIVE\USER\Controls\Mappings folder
...\Star Citizen\StarCitizen\PTU\USER\Controls\Mappings folder

depending on which version of the alpha you're playing (PU or PTU)

4. Launch Star Citizen (I suggest setting both ReWASD and SC to launch with Admin rights)
Once in the game, from main or in-game SC menu go to:
Choose my loadout which should be showing up in the dropdown list (since you copied it to the proper folder...if it's not showing in the list then you put it in the wrong folder)

5. In each of the selectable options on the right, select the corresponding option to load my changes to the respective device on the left:
Keyboard -> Keyboard
Mouse -> Mouse
Gamepad -> Gamepad
**NOTE** Without this step your controls will be wrong **NOTE**

6. Back out of the OPTIONS menu with your changes saved and enjoy!

- Fixed various issues
- Adjusted curves in-game and ReWASD analog stick settings for better control
- Adjusted curves in-game for Flight: Rolling gamepad settings
- Changed binding for wheel menu (LB + Y)
- Changed binding for Gimbal mode switch to (LB + B)
- Added additional binding for Spacebreak (B)
- Added binding for VTOL toggle (Adv. Cam Shift > tap B)
- Added binding for Engine toggle (Adv. Cam Shift > hold B)
- Added the following keyboard bindings for more actions:
  • Numbers: 1-3, 5-9
  • NumPad: 1-6, 8 
  • Function Keys: F5, F6, F7, F8
  • K key, I key, Apostrophe

- Added alternate configurations for the following options:
  • Auto-Walk/Run: (Hold RB + Left Stick fwd + L3)
  • No Macros: no Auto-Run, no On-Screen Keyboard (ChatPad attachment recommended)
  • On-Screen Keyboard [for Windows only!]: (M/KB Shift > Hold A)

- The following commands have been added/changed due to extra bindings and game changes:
  • 12 Emotes: 3 emotes per group (M/KB Shift > tap/double-tap/hold paddles)
  • Open On-Screen Keyboard [for Windows only!]: (M/KB Shift > Hold A)
  • Power distribution: Weapons/Shields/Engines/Reset (M/KB Shift > paddles)
  • Shield distribution: Front/Back/Left/Right/Reset (M/KB Shift > Left Analog stick)
  • Various new Targeting commands added in 3.10 (Select/Pin targets)
  • Adv. Cam: Save/Load/Clear one custom view: (Adv. Cam Shift > Back button)
  • Changed Open/Close All Doors: (Adv. Cam Shift > R3)
  • Wheel Menu access: (Hold LB + Tap Y)
  • Toggle helmet light: (Tap B)
  • Changed Throw Grenade/Item: (LB + RB)
  • Force Respawn/Self Destruct: (Hold Back + Start buttons)
  • Spacebrake: (Hold Left Analog stick Down + L3) or (B)

- The config may be rendered inoperative if other remapping software is running on your system (such as Steam).
Workaround: Disable other controller remapping clients when using this config
- Flight: Rolling curve randomly resets back to default (game bug)
FIX: In Options menu go to CONTROLS [select Gamepad in lower right] > Flight > Flight Movement> Flight (Roll) and click Edit Curve
Change the setting to your liking (I suggest 2.40). If you edit it this way it should stick. 
- ADS Zoom In/Out not working
- Interactive Mode: Scroll Down and Zoom-In share the same input
- Minor commands missing:
  • Hail Target
  • Dump Cargo
  • Eject
  • Analog strafing shift phase (may return in the future)
  • Acceleration Limiter control (may return in the future)

**For now this config works best with a WIRED Xbox Elite v.1 controller**
If using an Elite v1 or 2 in wireless mode, take care not to hold the Advanced Cam (XBOX button) down for more than a couple seconds or else you will toggle the wireless radio/Bluetooth off/on, which will reconnect/disconnect your controller and cause issues

Star Citizen is a game still in development. Settings are subject to change. Some issues you may come across are likely due to problems in either Star Citizen or the ReWASD software