Elven Race Mod with Custom Species Extension by Ahmi
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Added: 17/12/2013 - 05:08PM
Updated: 29/12/2013 - 11:12PM

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Last updated at 23:12, 29 Dec 2013 Uploaded at 17:08, 17 Dec 2013

The new Elven Race mod!


Custom character models (all hairstyle modified to work)
Custom weapons tier items (modified human working on better ones)
Custom respawn (Modified Floran one working on better)
Custom codex entries
Custom starter quest
Custom starter loot
Custom namegen
Adds Lembas Bread including recipe (nourishing & restorative)
Custom ship
Custom skin tones

*To do list*
Custom intro cinematic
Custom tiered racial armor (WIP
Custom mid & end game quests
Custom unique items
Random settlements (WIP)
& more as I get things on this list done!

Special Thanks to Xander Kau for letting me use they're custom race extension mod!!
Special Thanks to DraLUSAD for modifying they're Industrialization mod to be elf compatible!!
Special Thanks to espilonarge for help with undertstanding skin tone codes!!
Special Thanks to everyone in ##starbound-modding, this mod wouldn't exist without them!!!!

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INSTALL - First Time
Simply extract the two folders into your mods folder!

INSTALL - Update
Delete elf folder in starboundmods. Drag elf folder from new update into starboundmods!