S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

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Most of novices, some experienced and few master stalkers turn female. Fully sounded. Clock on HUD, bug fixes, Blowout and sleeping bag, ZRP config (optional).

Permissions and credits
Dedicated to PUSSY RIOT

Stalkers now have gender equality : most of novices (half at least), some experienced (four at least) and one master stalker turn female. Duty and Freedom got two girl models. That corresponds with real gender situation in Russia and Ukraine. Some novices turned much nicer too.  The girls are voiced in Russian, some male stalkers will speak Ukrainian, besides +3 English-speaking models added. Woman name generation included. Posters were substituted with hot military girls (maybe, stalkers have no good reminiscences of USSR, as I do, and used their beloved girls photos to cover the stupid soviet propaganda with it). Checked for vanilla Steam Shades of Chernobyl (eng), but may work with Russian as well. Clock on HUD as bonus (after steelrat's & Hardtmuth's tutorial).
Models are compilation of many respected modders' work (thanks to MegaFenix, ОтшельНИК, Aaz, СЯК, DEXXX, Dawnrazor, Greshnik 13rs et al). Voices belongs to KitLis (Luda) and Девушка Играет. The songs by Umka, Milla Yovovitch and some others.  Kill me if I void your rights.

Files description:
Main files: 
1. Main file
consists of:
  •  Gamedata folder, which contains textures, meshes, sounds and basic configuration files, that changes many stalkers for girls. New game will reveal all features. Old saves may glitch, but may work nevertheless.
  •  - Clock&Fixes folder (gamedata inside) is highly recommended to be installed to have clock on HUD and some bugs fixed. New game recommended
  •  - Blowout+SleepingBag_for_Girly_SoC folder allows you to have regular blowout (surge) and sleeping bag to spend night hours (copy gamedata folder to your game folder, overwrite when asked) New game strongly recommended  
2. Girly SoC for  Autumn_Aurora  contains configuration files to merge Girly_SoC with Autumn Aurora 2.1 by Autumnal Wanderers (to be installed after main file gamedata) New game recommended, but old saves will work.
 3. Girly SoC for ZRP  contains configuration files to merge Girly_SoC with Zone Reclamation Project 1.07 by NatVac et al (to be installed after main file gamedata). New game recommended, but old saves will work.

  • Optional files:
  1.  Anime posters contains textures for substitution of all game posters for anime pictures with stalker or military theme
  2.  Dynamic posters contains command files for randomizing some posters from library included (+psd templates). These are erotic pictures of stalker/military/Russian/Ukranian/FPS-games thematic, including anime and artwork. Use cmd carefully!

NB! see readmes for each file for details!