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  • ABR MOD 2.0: Updates

    Hi there

    It's been a while since I've wrote something. These 3-4 months I've spent working on weapons. Thanks to PYP, this kind person provides a lot of help. So ABR MOD 2.0 will have new weapons and some engine updates, thanks to him, now contains weapons from STCOP, AO, OWR2.1 and OWR3. Also thanks to g_m_e, for scope textures and reticles, I've adapted to each gun in the mod. There are many updates, so I'll try to show info more frequent. Radio silence is off.
    First of all, I will return Nimble's unique weapons with classic characteristics. Also I will try to return vanilla order system, but without randomizer. You will order the weapon you want. Some uniques will have different skins, other ones will have new models. Also I plan to add some new weapons to npc's and ...

  • ABR Mod v.1.2 on Nexusmod

    30 April, 2018, I've released my ABR Mod. I've planned it as pack of mods, but decided to make it more solid. My mod is vanilla+. There are many mods now, some are very popular, some are more advanced. My mod may seem boring, for lovers of new quest or hardcore modifications, but I wanted to keep original as much as it possible. Still, game is outdated, and I've tried to push it to 2017/2018. I've used many mods and tweaked everything I could, tried to patch bugs, so you could play story and quests without disturbance. 15.05.18, me (ABR) and Classter release final patch v.1.2.

    Review from PC GAMER
    ABR MOD FeaturesGraphics:

    New weather and nature style for each location.

    New textures of buildings.

    New variable visuals of NPC's.