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This is a Full Game Modpack that you can download and play instantly instead of downloading the Vanilla version of 1.5 R6 that has close to none mods for it. Stalker 1.5 R6 - Hitman tm has a Total conversion to a Stealth Game!!!

Permissions and credits

Stalker COC 1.5 R6 -
Awakening (Hitman)

Download the new Modpack


Full version for COC 1.5 R6

Weapon Aim NPC Aim Hardcore Update


Stalker COC 1.5 R6 - Awakening has become Graphically superior to its vanilla counterpart!!!
Now you can download this Modpack as a easy Unzip-and play pack meaning you effectively have the fully modded graphics enhanced, extensively edited gameplay improved S.T.A.L.K.E.R. COC with mods such as TRX sounds, ANR_CoC_1.7d, AO 3.1 R6, TRX - Global Weather (2.2), Ultra_Realistic_reshade.1, SWTC_CoC_1.12, SR_CoC_2.5d, and many more ports of mods that I compiled together from 1.4.22 straight into 1.5 R6 for ru to enjoy!

Stalker COC 1.5 R6 - Awakening Change log:Everything you see here is not the standard version of the mods, all mods here are edited extensively by Mirci331.5b r6:
  • Weapon Configuration by Mirci33
  • Fast Respwn by Mirci33
  • Fast travel by Mirci33
  • Timescale to real world by Mirci33
  • Bullet Penetration by Mirci33
  • Medicine modifications by Mirci33
  • Damages by Mirci33
  • Crawling/Prone by Mirci33
  • Follower any Faction by Mirci33
  • Surrender on low health by Mirci33
  • More Supplies by Mirci33
  • Traders sell all items by Mirci33
  • Traders by all item conditions by Mirci33
  • Absolute Nature
  • Outfit Marauder by mirci33
  • Loot money from courses by mirci33
  • AO 3.1 (Weapon Pack)
  • TXR sounds revamp by mirci33
  • Global weather
  • Weapon edits more than required in a Stalker Game!!! by mirci33
  • NPC edits more than that pack by mirci33
  • Trader Edits (Lots of items) by mirci33
  • Trader buys all conditions, because why not?
  • Ultra Reshade
  • Structure Redux
  • HD-BIG/MODEL PACK (soldiers)
  • New Realistic Weapon Sounds, by mirci33
  • SWTC_CoC_1.12,
  • Flash light better model
  • Lost to the Zones
  • Player Disguises
  • Colorful Plants flowers Mod by Mirci33
  • Hitman, Agent 47 loadout from ICA facility by mirci33
  • Stealth Game Relations by mirci33
  • Traders sell Gimlet, Fast Travel!!! by mirci33
  • Dynamic Music and combat music from Hitman tm by mirci33
  • ICA Facility Inventory
  • Agent 47 Player Icon
  • Some Lag fixes due to the vanilla stalker being sett extremely high by default,
________________________________________________________________________________________ Trailer,

Do not install the modpack over Stalker Cop this is a standalone Ready to play Modpack 13GB of Data also contains lots of edits of configurations and scritps it has all the mini configs youd download for 1.4.22 only iv patched them to be included allready so its a simple UNzip and play Modapck.Link to Download: At the Moddb Default DOWNLOAD Button location.
Example of Core Gameplay Changes:

If you get any crashes turn down your games graphics to low, I play on low setting due to my computer not being able to handle many modern games at high quality so i manage on low settings, however if you can handle the graphics you can play at maximum.
Modpack Made with Mirci33