S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

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Adds missing weapon, armor, and item descriptions to the game. Also makes SMRTER 0.41 and Weapons Addon Lite addon compatible with each other.

Permissions and credits
Descriptions and Misc. Fix Addon for S.M.R.T.E.R. 0.41

- After multiple account and version issues, I've recompiled the variations into a working package. This is known to work with SMRTER 0.41 and the SMRTER 0.41 Weapons Addon Lite package as of 12/12/17. Ironically this actually fixes a bug that would cause the engine to crash if you used those 2 mods together, so consider this a compatibility fix as well.

Required Mods:

- SMRTER 0.41 (smrtphoneusr)
- SMRTER 0.41 Weapons Addon Lite (smrtphoneusr)


- Added descriptions for all armors
- Added descriptions for scopes that didn't have any or were calling strings from inside weapons.ltx file
- Monolith and Duty suits now correctly start with 1 artifact container, not 4
- Edited descriptions for Sunblocker and Caff-pow, assigned inv_name and description variables a string
to call from st_items_equipment.xml
- Edited inv_name and description variables for these weapons to call variables from st_items_weapons.xml:
-- w_ak74usnag.ltx
-- w_fanfal.ltx
-- w_g36c.ltx
-- w_g36e.ltx
-- w_g36k.ltx
-- w_knife.ltx
-- w_xm177e2.ltx
- Increased SG-552 damage to properly reflect in-game description
- Edited inv_name and description variables for M16A1 scope and G36e scope and added descriptions
- Edited the following text files for grammar, wrong names, real-life counterparts, and flow:
-- st_dialog_manager.xml
-- st_dialogs.xml
-- st_dialogs_jupiter.xml
-- st_dialogs_pripyat.xml
-- st_dialogs_zaton.xml
-- st_items_artefacts.xml
-- st_items_equipment.xml
-- st_items_outfit.xml
-- st_items_quest.xml
-- st_items_weapons.xml
- I barely touched the NPC or actor dialogs, it would've taken me far too long in the timeframe I had
- Probably some things I'm forgetting but I think I got the bulk of it

Credits: smrtphoneusr and the others on the S.M.R.T.E.R. team for their mod so far.
Notes: @smrtphoneusr and/or S.M.R.T.E.R. team, you can use my edited files in your mod if you want to.