Hi there!

Last few months I was struggling about adding new weapons\deleting new weapons, what is lore-like\not-lore-like, same goes to new ammo types and outfit skins. And finally...

Now I really see things clearer, and will add all the content which was developed during this long time period from July of 2018 to this moment. Saddly, the man who helped me is very busy from the beginning of this year, so I am alone in development again, but with restrictions comes the possibility to see that it's time to decide how everything should be done.


2.0 will bring some upgrade changes in upgrade schemes. For example, armour will have no bleeding\health restore upgrades, weapons will have no caliber change (for the one exception), NATO weapons use NATO ammo. But, I've added another more IRL orientiered upgrade for 9x18 pistols. The point is in 9x18 mm +P+, only PMM and Bizon can shoot this more powerful ammo, so other 9x18 pistols will have upgrade on shooting +P+ ammo, which will be damaging like 9x19 mm Parabellum. The exception I mentioned is PP-19 Bizon, it will have switch to Parabellum, since IRL, it has both caliber variants, but 9x19 upgrade will reduce mag size to 53 rounds. Didn't try it yet, but as I've understood upgrade system, it's possible to make.
Integrated scope rifles will have the dynamic zoom upgrade assigned to the second toolkit, since NV and Contrast upgrades are useless, due to all helmets have NV. Shooting slugs + 30 accuracy without be able to shoot buck will be accessible earlier in the upgrade trees. In short - upgrades will be changed a bit.
Damage of all weapons will be balanced, I'm checking my stuff with STCOP and Arsenal Overhaul configs, and try to find the sweet spot for each weapon. Weapons chambered with same caliber will have almost the same damage, but muzzle velocity and barell lenght of real prototypes will be considered too. Thought that's hard sometimes, but at least there will be some system at last.
The more I'm working on 2.0 the more problems of 1.2 I'm seeing. So all of them will be fixed as possible. Not showing enemies on minimap completely broke the achievement on tactical helmet. Since this infra scanner upgrade did nothing. So High-Tech Master (dunno is it this way in eng locaization) achievement will be changed a bit. Also, I'm planning to add one achievement, which was very missing on Yanov.
So, now I have final weapon tier (this time is for sure (I hope, can't add weapons anymore and no help anyway)). I still didn't made video since I need to edit sounds, I've added round shot sound for each weapon. These sounds have slightly changes, but weapons sound less robotic, since I've read that round shot sounds can differ IRL due to some differences in powder and goes on. Also, I'll delete low frequencies ramble in sounds, since it adds a bit of disturbance. Also I need to equalize new weapon sounds to old ones.

Some textures might be edited to final release


  • PM
  • PM (Actor's)
  • PB
  • PMM
  • Fort-12
  • Fort-17
  • APS
  • APB (Snag's)
  • OTs33
  • Browning Hi-Power
  • Beretta FS 92
  • Walther P99
  • Colt1911 A1
  • Sig Sauer P220
  • Alpien
  • HK USP 45
  • March
  • IMI Desert Eagle
  • Steppe Eagle
  • TT33

  • PP-19 Bizon
  • PP-19 Bizon Kobra
  • HK MP5
  • HK MP5SD
  • HK MP5SD Tactics
  • HK UMP45
  • HK UMP45 Tactics
  • Frasier

  • TOZ-34 (2 skins for now)
  • TOZ-34 Saw-off (2 skins for now)
  • TOZ-66
  • TOZ-66 Saw-off
  • TOZ-194
  • MP133
  • MP153
  • MP153 Hunter (Gonta's)
  • Fort500
  • Mossberg 590A1
  • Franchi SPAS-12
  • Karabiner
  • Protecta
  • Protecta (Nimble's)
  • Saiga-12
  • Saiga-12 Kobra
  • Trapper's Shotgun

  • AK
  • AKM
  • AKM Kobra
  • AKMS
  • SKS
  • AKSU-74
  • AKSU-74 (Snag's)
  • AKS-74
  • AKS-74 Kobra
  • AK-74
  • AK-74m 6l31
  • AK-74m 6l31 Kobra
  • AN-94
  • AN-94 Kobra
  • Storm
  • R85
  • L85
  • Z-M LR300
  • Z-M LR300 Tactics
  • Sig SG550
  • Sig SG550 Tactics
  • Sig SG550 (Strelok's)
  • HK G36
  • HK G36 (Nimble's)
  • FN F2000 Standard
  • FN F2000 Standard (Nimble's)
  • OTs-14-4A
  • OTs-14-4A-03
  • AS VAL
  • AS VAL Kobra
  • VSS Vintorez (with scoep upgrades)
  • VSS Vintorez Kobra
  • VSS Vintorez (with detachable scope)
  • Tide
  • SVU
  • SVU (Nimble's)
  • SVU-A (with detachable scope)
  • SVU-A Kobra
  • SVD
  • SVD Kobra
  • SVD (with detachable scope)
  • SVD 1P59
  • Lynx
  • Mosin-Nagant
Machine guns:

  • PKP
  • PKM
Heavy weapons:

  • M79
  • RG-6
  • RPG7
  • Gauss

Misc weapon info
About Nimble's stuff. It will be not so OP, since all weapons are deadly now, it will have handling and accuracy from vanilla as possible, but there Frasier will not outdamage .45 weapons too much, for example.

Also, all weapons were perfectly aimed via STCOP aiming utility and screenshots.

I couldn't find compromise on SVD, SVU and VSS with or without integrated scopes, so I've added both. The main problem is about zoomable scopes, since they can work good only on rifles with integrated scopes without grenade launchers.

GL's, very painful theme. But FN will have no one, since OWR3 model look alien to other STCOP's model, but you have M79 as a compensation.
OTs-14's realistic model makes it work as IRL. You can't aim GL with scope attached.

Traders' tiers will be changed too, now reaching 100k will really show more weapons, as it said in achievement. Stashes also will be tweaked and, I really want to bring the stashes into the gameplay, so they could really appear after missions or with some conditions.

OutfitSome words about outfit. I don't plan outfit addon with new stuff (except Light Exo and GP5 Sunrise), but since there is variation mod in the game, I think skins for outfit would be great, though it brings new work - hand textures. I'll edit vanilla hands, since I didn't like that HD hands, where each model have different fingers - not issue for somebody, but issue for me. Classter' brought an idea to make full gloves, probably will do this, may as an option, may be as main stuff. Nothing fancy, just extending vanilla.

This is brown bandit's coat

Probably I'll remake rest of icons, and may be will change ammo icons to their ingame visuals. Also, I've composed creepy ambient theme for Underground, to add a bit of horror, in style of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. OST ofc.

Since there is more and more changes, people can start to think that I miss my original conception of vanilla+ mod, but I am new to modding, and I've found that I can do a bit more things to mod and make it more interesting.

Idea of two separate versions of the mod is too overwhelming, so, I'll make this full 2.0 version and vanilla+ option. This option will change game back to vanilla via configs - no new weapons, no new outfits, no upgrade changes, vanilla weapon damage (but since MSO changed damage system a lot, I can't bring back bullet sponges, weapons will kill). I don't forget about people with old PC's, some options will be considered too, but probably after release. Since I need to make one stable optimized build.

After finishing sound tweaks, I'll upload video with all weapons. I'll try to release 2.0 after an year from the release of 1.0, but can't guarantee it. Since I check and recheck stuff over and over again.

About the options:
  • I'll make DX11 scope textures, since there was so much problems with this, people just don't want play DX9, but the image on DX9 is how it meant to be.
  • Minimalistic hud.
  • Turning off mask overlays and breathing sound.
  • Turning off recoil and weapon cam effects.
  • Those options for vanilla+ and old PC optimization.

So, sorry for no info, but I really don't have much time lately. I hope people will support my idea of adding some content to the game, I don't forget about my promises about vanilla+, I'll make options so you could play just an updated COP.

Stay tuned, and be well!


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  1. ridikulous1
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    Just as I was sitting here staring at a fresh CoP install wondering where I should go with it... Then this pops up after a day of surfing around looking at all the new toys that appeared in the last 2 yrs. since I last played it.

    First I find OpenXray & then Oxygen x64 versions finally released, and now this too. Exciting times indeed!
    1. alanberserkrose
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      Well, version 1.2 were released almost an year ago, so this is just a polished version + some content atop of it. This is vanilla+ mod, something like Complete or OGSM, not total conversion like Misery. Anyway, thanks for the interest!