S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl
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Since I couldn't find this file anywhere and I've seen other people struggle with it, I decided to upload this on my own. This is the official Fast Travel option that comes with the game but is turned off by default. Hope this help. Now get out of here, Stalker!

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Greetings, Stalkers!

The update you've all been waiting for! FINALLY! Now with a map!
No longer do you have to save and load on the fast travel locations! They should appear automatically when you are near one! I meant to upload this earlier, but work got in the way. Let me know if this fixes the issues some have been having. Cheers.

I've just updated this file so I should now work as intended! The locations with a point you visit should now actually show up on the map! I've only tested this with my save file (Mercenary) but the points did actually show up this time. You still have to visit them to unlock the point as they are not discovered by default. Just replace your old file with this one.
The official YouTube video for this reads: "Fast travel will only work after discovering certain locations, which will appear on the PDA as you find them. You will be unable to fast travel if you have enemies, are bleeding or radiated, over encumbered and during emissions. It will be disabled by default because it goes against some of my personal design choices.
I added a fast travel system to demonstrate a new engine feature which will be in 1.4.15. I added to the engine the ability to initiate a context menu by right-clicking map spots. The menu items and actions can be added dynamically through lua scripting, making it possible for addon creators to use this feature as well."
Happy hunting!