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Operation Hope is a King of the Hill like map where players have to capture a city in order to win.

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(Operation Hope is a work in progress map).


In light of Iraq being invaded yet again, this time it is even worse than imaginable. The Prince of Iraq called The Commander-in-chief of the United States to see if we could come help both the citizens of Iraq and the world to prevent a possible World War 3.

Commander-in-chief gave the orders that 1 platoon will drop into Farah. Farah is the last known location that the Prince informed us where he believes the Insurgents of Farah are staying. He told us that it a safe-haven for this terrorist to hide until war or their leader calls them to work. Although this is only the first step. The Prince had a recon team to scout ahead and the next town over is to believe were these Insurgents are holding the nuclear weapons in an undisclosed facility. We need to capture and neutralizing everyone first before we can move the platoon. 

We don’t know the exact situation of this situation at hand. We don’t know how many troops that have and we don’t know if they have AA guns or even RPG’s at the roof-tops of these high-rise buildings. Sadly because of this, we can’t risk any more squadrons getting hurt.

After we dropped off the military equipment we destroyed the entrance and the exit paths to the city, no way in or out of these Insurgents. We set off a small EMP that disrupted the radio communication between the Insurgents, they have no communication with the next city over. Before you arrive we'll send in a few A-10C Thunderbolt's to shake them up a bit. Once we do this we'll be cutting off support until you capture Farah. You'll get 0 backup and 0 close air support.

Everything that the platoon needs is in Farah already, just a few clicks away from the main town. The FOB for the time being is located on the outskirts of Farah. Neutralize Farah so that we can set up a proper FOB for more troops and possible air support. You need to get your Squad Leaders combat-ready and work together if you want to save our world.

We need to capture Farah and give Hope to the world and the citizens of Iraq that these 'terrorists' don't belong in Iraq, it's not their
country anymore.

Load up, and Squad up.

Why Operation Hope

Halo had a game mode called King of the Hill, person who stayed on the Hill the longest wins. It was a pretty fun game mode so I wanted to recreate something like that, but for Squad, see if it was even possible. This is my first map that I ever created. So I hope you enjoy it and tell friends about it.

Operation Hope

Map ~ 200 MB | Game mode: Conquest | Tickets: 400 | Vehicles: Yes | Easter Eggs: Yes

(Operation Hope is a fast pace map. Filled with action and mayhem with 1 flag).

Q: Will you have a Militia vs Russia layout?
A: No. This is strictly USA vs. Insurgents.

How to play?

1) Place the folder "393380" in your "\steamapps\workshop\content" folder.
2) Start the game then follow this guide on the wiki; https://squad.gamepedia.com/Playing_a_Mod or you can find a custom/public server that has my map.


Have suggestions? Tweet me @azgoodaz or join my Discord server.