Spyro Reignited Trilogy
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This mod adds free flight, abilities and a hardcore mode, Doesn't include the overly done bloom. Now have two versions! One with skins and one without them.

Permissions and credits
Now have two versions! One with skins and one without them.By: InfinateXtremer
Assistance: FranklyGD
How to install:

1.Make a folder inside "steamapps\common\Spyro Reignited Trilogy\Falcon\Content\Paks" and call it ~mods
2.Drag and drop the version you want into the folder.

H -> Enable Free Flight (Toggle-able)
C -> Clear all the abilities except hardcore mode (Intended Feature)
Use Numlock Enabled
Numpad-1 -> Ice Breath
Numpad-2 -> Fairy Kiss Breath (Rage Fire)
Numpad-3 -> Superflame
Numpad-4 -> Ice Spikes
Numpad-5 -> Invincibility
Numpad-6 -> Supercharge
Numpad-7 -> Hardcore Mode
Numpad-+ -> Restore Health
1 -> Ice Breath
2 -> Fairy Kiss Breath (Rage Fire)
3 -> Superflame
4 -> Ice Spikes
5 -> Invincibility
6 -> Supercharge
7 -> Hardcore Mode
Numpad-+ -> Restore Health
About Hardcore Mode:
It's probably a cut feature from Nightmare Difficulty, Enabling it makes Spyro die in one hit and collecting any butterflies makes Sparx disappear and never appear again.

Issues: Abilities gets reset when you die or enter a cutscene or talk with and npc