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Your ship recived a distress call from an ocean planet. The message is jammed.

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Author: DB5 (Ben)

Your ship recived a distress call:
My name is Michael Andrews and I am the last survivor. PLEASE SEND HELP TO MY COORDINATES!
 [ Call ends unexpectedly. This is not the full message for sure. ]  

  1. Find and select the creatures you wish to add to your game.
  2. Download the .png files to your computer.
  3. Boot up Spore.
  4. Go into your Sporepedia.
  5. Minimize Spore so that you can see your desktop. On Windows, this can be done with the Windows key between Ctrl and Alt on the keyboard, or by pressing Alt+Tab. For Linux, wait for somebody else who knows how (pressing start menu key might work). For Macs, press command then the return button.
  6. Navigate to wherever you saved the .png files.
  7. Select the creatures you downloaded to add to your Sporepedia.
  8. Drag them into Spore by dragging them onto the Spore taskbar button.
  9. Once Spore maximizes and reloads, finish dragging the picture files onto your Sporepedia. If this was done correctly, you should now have all the creatures you downloaded in your Sporepedia.
  10. (Optional) You may wish to delete the .png files from where you saved them when downloading in step #2.
(Installation manual taken from Sporepedia).

Delete the picture. or delete the adventure directly, in-game.

You are allowed to translate the adventure to any language you want,  All I ask is for a proper credit and a link so I can check it out. You are NOT allowed to modify my content without giving proper credit, and you are only allowed to upload the modified creatures to Sporepedia!