Splinter Cell: Blacklist
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Adds balaclava to Sam & Griggs + also makes some gameplay tweaks.

Permissions and credits

  • Extract Blacklist_v1.08b.umd file from this archive into 'Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist\src\SYSTEM\UMDs\'
  • Make a copy of the original Blacklist.umd
  • Rename Blacklist_v1.08b.umd file to Blacklist.umd


  • Sam and Griggs now have balaclavas where it has sense (so it doesn't break immersion)
  • Sonar impulses now work on Perfectionist difficulty
  • Hand2Hand denials are tweaked to be more forgivable on Realistic/Perfectionist difficulties. They are still not as easy to pull of as on Normal difficulty
  • Enemy helmets now have realistic "health" and can be shot off with 1 bullet
  • 3 types of enemies wear helmets now: Technician, Heavy, Shielded Heavy
  • Drone operators won't mess up your night vision goggles
  • Active sprint is disabled, Sam now moves like in Conviction
  • Stun gun (tazer) has 18 shots now instead of 9, so it isn't so useless in comparison to crossbow

Game with these tweaks isn't compatible with public coop/SvM sessions.
If you want to play the game online with these tweaks, then every coop/SvM player you want to play with needs to have the same version of Blacklist.umd