Splinter Cell: Blacklist
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Swaps the strange, leafy-looking Nanofiber Suit with the very stealthy looking Revenant Suit.

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I get what they were going for, but I absolutely hate the look of the Stealth Nanofiber Suit. The fact that it has the best stealth stats, but looks like someone wanted to make a ghillie suit but gave up 5 minuets in really bumbles my scrumbles.

So! This replaces the models, textures, and all camo variants of the Nanofiber set with the Revenant Suit's equivalents and also adds a facemask to Sam. This edits the PEC.ini used in the Mask Mod, so they aren't compatible, so I just went and combined them. This is a very brute force method of doing this, so it might cause issues with the other instances of this suite being used, namely in co-op/online play, but that hasn't been tested. Everything works flawlessly in single player though!

The original Revenant Suit is left untouched. I considered swapping them proper, but I just can't stand the idea of the Nanofiber Suit being in the game at all.