Splinter Cell: Blacklist
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Improves weapons (i.e. recoil, tracers, damage) and enemy AI for Splinter Cell Blacklist and is the very first Nexus mod for this title.

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pWelcome Splinter Cell: Blacklist Fans

Mod Features :

+Bullet tracers travel much faster for more immediate impacts and satisfying shots. (Vanilla game bullets flew like paint balls. Too slow)
+Recoil is increased for added difficulty and snappy visual impact. 
+Pistols have more power and damage. Rate of fire is also increased. (Pistols were too weak in vanilla game. Felt like shooting a squirt gun)
+All weapons have more power and range. (Enemy AI were bullet sponges in vanilla game, therefore this change allows you to make more decisive shots with the stopping power you would expect)
+Enemies are far more sensitive to you and can spot you from much further away. (Adds new realism and forces you to be less sloppy in your stealth play)

Authors Note:
This is a 2013 release and yet it still holds up as a very stylish and relevant game. Amazing. This mod aims to elevate gunfights and add more realism to enemies for increased difficulty.  I felt the vanilla game falls flat in these areas so I set out to improved them. In the future, I'd like to make a texture pack as I did for Far Cry 3 "Mud's Mod: Reflective Textures."Until then, enjoy playing the mod.

Update v.1.3 notes :
+Nerfed weapons overall
+Decreased tracer speed slightly you can start to see the bullet path a tad more. This also nerfs the gun to make gun play more challenging.