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Play as Donkey Kong, go through dark caves, buy things from Cranky and save Diddy, collect banana's and kill Kremlins among other monsters.

Permissions and credits
Backup your "Textures" File inside Spelunky "Data" and Replace them with the "Textures" inside the .zip

-Spelunky Guy      --> Donkey Kong
-Shopkeeper --> Cranky Kong
-Damsel (female) --> Diddy Kong
-Snake  --> Rattly
-Spider         --> Squiter
-Frog    --> Winky
-Exploding Frog   --> Winky (Variation)
-Piranha       --> Enguarde
-Bat     --> Quawks
-Tiki Man     --> Kremlin
-Bee    --> Stinger
-Money Hud  --> Banana
-Treasure Head    --> Golden Banana
-Treasure Background --> King K. Rool
-Altar Background --> Mask from DKC Returns
-Chest                 --> DK Barrel

Also some other Changes you'll notice by yourself, like hud, menu background, etc.