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New Items, campaign improvements, AI modifications, spells completely rebalanced, and so much more!
The mod that makes even veterans lose.
In questmap you will find all plans and runes.
150+ changes and still counting.

Permissions and credits
1. Remade the skill atribute requirements.
2. Decreased experience needed to level up by 15%
3. Halfened the price of basic units (recruit, thug, warder, rowdy, militia, asssassin).
4. Races:
4a. All Player Races have a 35% chance to retreat, for missile units, and 25% chance for melee units.
4b. Player Race Dwarf receives 75% damage from melee and 125% from ranged.
4c. Player Race Elf       receives 125% damage from melee and 75% from ranged.
4d. Player Race Troll    receives 75% damage from melee and 75% from ranged but attaks a little slower.
4e. Player Race Orc     receives 125% damage from melee and 125% from ranged but attacks a lot faster to represent their brutality despite their deformity.
4f. Player Race DarkElf receives 90% damage from melee and 110% from ranged, being a little better at fighting up close than their brothers, yet weaker to arrows.
5. Weapons:
5a. Changed weapons attack range.
- daggers: 1-1
- one handed: 1-1
- two handed: 1-2
- spears: 1-2
Bows: 2-18
Crossbows: 2-14
Stone-Thower: 2-10
5b. Changed weapons damage.
Crossbows: damage x 2
Stone Thrower: damage x1.5
5c. Changed weapons atack speed.
- daggers: +10%
- two handed & spears: -5%
Bows: +25%
Crossbows: -30%
Stone-Thrower: -20%
6. Siege Auras for Special units range: 0-20, to surpass all other ranges.
7. Towers have x2 hp, x2 attack, range: 1-19, price x2.5
The duration of their effects has been doubled (freeze, hypnotise).
White Hand has not been changed.
8. Increased the speed of all units (allies, enemies) by 25%
8a. I did not change the merchant's walk speed as they are mostly standing still.
8b. The avatar has helmets which give +35% walk speed.
Rune warriors have basic speed because their speed is increased by helmets.
9. Earth/Fire/Ice Elemetals use Eart/Fire/Ice strike.
Earth/Fire/Ice golems use Wave of Earth/Fire/Ice and Earth/Fire/Ice shields. 
10. (Aproximately)
Summoned Wolf Dx and Str *1.25
Summoned Bear Dx and Str *1.5
11. Undead summons drain mana after 30% longer time.
V. 1.03
12. Buffed all enemy races to extreme aggression. Changed their weaknesses and strengths. 
13. Changed player races strengths, weaknesses, attack speed.
V. 1.04 & 1.05 
14. Fixed some things.
V. 1.06 
15. White Magic - Nature - Treewrath Str and Sta x 1.75
V. 1.07 
16. Dwarf Throwing Hammer: Speed -> 150% => 50% ; attack x2 ; range 2-10
17. Changed the prices of most of rune soldiers.
V. 1.09
18. Reduced range for all races as it bugged the game. (50 50 10 => 20 20 5)
19. Player races receive greater stat bonuses as they level up:
Elf: +1 dex +1 agi 
DarkElf +1 dex +1 sta 
Humans: +1 sta +1 agi 
Orcs: +1 str +1 dex
Dwarves: +2 sta 
Troll: +2 str 
V. 1.10
20. Improved enemy Ai a bit.
21. Fixed some things.
V. 1.11
22. Elf Upgrades no longer cost iron.
23. Elf Protectors received +35 armor at shield.
24. Crossbows have the right damage now.
25. Increased the duration of many melee and ranges skills.
26. Benefactions and Blessing time to recast reduced by 1/3 (120.000 => 80.000)
27. Benefactions area of effect increased (10 => 15)
28. Patronise: increased magic resistance (200 => 500), increased area of effect (10 => 15), increased duration.
29. Endurance: tripled skill duration, increase area of effect (10 => 15).
30. Riposted: reduced recast time by 1/3, increased duration by 5 seconds.
31. Berserk: Doubled duration, reduced recast time by 1/3.
32. Shelter: decreased recast time, increased spell resistance buff, increased skill duration.
33. Durability: reduced recast time by 1/3, increased skill duration, damage given and received is reduced by a lot more (33% => 75%)
34. Critical hits: reduced recast time by 1/3.
35. Shift Life: reduced recast time by 1/3.
36. Earth - Conservation: Reduces x2 damage, Lasts x2 time.
37. Increased the damage of fire shield.
V. 1.12
38. Conservation casting time reduced by half, and damage absorbed x1.5
39. Decay was massively buffed.
40. Added a new sword in the game: Lost Sword (can be looted from ranged uroks or bought).
V. 1.13
41. Protectors can use Ice Shield
42. Wanderers can summon wolves.
43. Druids summon bears.(disabled it)
44. Elders have conservation (earth shield).
45. Armsmen have boons (weaker version than hero).
46. Firemaster has fireshield.
V. 1.14
47. Upgraded Warderers can use thorn shield.
48. Added 5 new items.
49. Buffed Lightbringer (item).
50. Watchman (dwarves) has a bit more armor while Militia has a bit more damage.
V. 1.15
51. Fixed some texts.
52. Recruits have increased attach speed. 
53. Paladin Aura of Dexterity was replaced with Aura of Fast Fighting.
V. 1.16
54. Fixed equipment bugs.
V. 1.17
55. Fixed equipment.
56. Fixed Ismail.
V. 1.18
57. Reduced spawn time for most bases in campaign. It should make the game a lot more challenging.
58. Reduced spawm time for enemy bases in coop. It should make coop INSANELY HARD.
V. 1.19
59. Salvo improved. (cone: 45* => 60* ; affected units: 5 => 10)
60. Ranger (Elf) can use salvo. 
V 1.20
61. Summoned Treewrath Str and Sta x1.75
62. Rebalanced mana cost, drain and recast time for summoned creatures.
63. Summoned Skeletons receive each 4 levels a new item.
64. Increased the maximum amount of soldiers a camp (enemy/ally) can have to 45.
65. Spectre powers changed: disrupt, manatap and shock. 
V 1.21
66. Rebuilt the skeleton summon equipment.
67. Rebalanced some spells (the ones from "Logic"). 
V 1.22
68. Spawns no longer activate when you activate the monument, but when you enter map.
69. NPCs see around better.
70. Fixed the enemy base spawn issue. (It was a comma ( , ) in scripts).
V 1.23
71. Modified many spells.
72. Paladin has Hallow, Holy Touch => Hallow, Holy Touch and Manshield.
73. Armsman has Aura of Flexibility.
74. Ranger has trueshot instead of salvo.
75. Some Halit soldiers have boons.
76. Summoned Undead Goblin has Lifetap and Pain.
V 1.24
77. Finished editing fire spells.
V. 1.25
78. Stoneblade Mountain spawns lower level trolls (compared to the original).
79. Graydusk Vale spawns higher level trolls (compared to the original).
80. Fixed Dwarf Watchman Unit Plan bug.
V 1.26
81. Finished Earth Spells
82. Summoned Blade has Aura of Lifesteal
83. Gave some abilities to General Gunthar
V 1.27
84. Finished Ice Spells
85. Finished Elemental Spells
86. Finished Melee and Ranged Spells (berserk, true shot, etc)
V 1.28
87. Finished White Magic: Life
88. Finished Black Magic: Necromacy
89. Human Titan: Aura of Fast Fighting, Chain Hallow, Healing
90. Elf Titan: Aura of Endurance, Roots, Thorn Shield
91. Dwarf Titan: Conservation, Rock Bullet, Petrify, Decay
92. Troll Titan: Aura of Weakness, Berserk, War Cry, Benefactions
93. Orc Titan: Fireball, Fireburst, Fireshield
94. DarkElf Titan: Poison, Remediless, Aura of Slow Walking
95. Buffed Titans Stats (Mighty Titans receive a +25/50 secondary bonus)
Elf: +35 dex +35 agi 
DarkElf +35 dex +35 sta 
Humans: +35 sta +35 agi 
Orcs: +35 str +35 dex
Dwarves: +70 sta 
Troll: +70 str
V 1.29
96. Finished Mind Magic: Enchantment
97. Fixed the Chain Spells. 
Note to self: If the chain spell drains mana for every individual spell that hits, then the chain spell in itself will cost 0 mana to use.
V 1.30
98. Titans havea  1-3 attack range.
99. Elf Healer uses bow and a one-handed staff now. Price increased. 25 Lenya => 40 Lenya
100. The armor player titan units have has been buffed with +25 intelligence and +50 wisdom.
101. Rebalanced upgrades (including titans and new units).
102. Edited Black Magic: Death => Aura of Weakness, Extinct, Death.
V 1.31
101 Finished Black Magic: Death
V 1.32
102. Order of Dawn Merchants have some lvl 9 spells. 
103. Allied humans are neutral to Player Orcs instead of hostile.
104. Spearmen cost 35 iron instead of iron and wood. 
105. Finished Mind Magic: Offensive
106. All buildings: repriced. 
107. Towers HP dramatically decreased.
108. Towers deal proper spells instead of special, nerfed, spells.
109. Edited Farlon's Hope Ai so that allied camps will attack properly. Enemy camps are of course, very dangerous as well.
110. Towers range scaled to their spells' ranged. (E.g. Elf Tower: 19 (previously edited) => 18 (bow range); Crossbow Tower: 19 => 14)
V 1.33
111. Finished White Magic: Nature
112. Added 9 weapons.
V 1.34
113. Buffed Ismail's power.
114. Staffs that do not have a power attached to them require level to be used instead of "any magic ability".
V 1.35
115. Added 22 weapons.
V 1.36
116. Finished Black Magic.
V 1.37
117. Finished Mind Magic.
V 1.38
118. Finished White Magic. Finished all powers. 
119. Made the freegame Ai more aggressive.
V 1.39
120. Doubled the stamina of many bosses and minibosses.
121. Improved orcs. 
122. Increased the effectivness of patronize and shelter.
123. Changed spawn time after hero enters the map. Should make the game more interesting.
V 1.40
124. Kithar and Blades are at war with each-other.
125. Gave new powers to Troll Titan.
126. Improved Darkelves and made important changes.
127. Rebalanced some spells(summon skeleton, death, aura of regeneration).
128. Added 5 new levels. Current max level: 55
V 1.41
Observation: Ajacar body armor is equipable and functional. The issue with "Armor Merchant" is that it has all of its item slots full so the items are stored in the powers department.
129. Added 11 new shields.
V 1.42
130. Fixed fireball.
131. Buffed the Twonk brothers to make them a lot more challenging.
V 1.43
132. Improved all rune warriors by giving them more powers (max 5).
133. Added pestilence to player darkelf warlock.
134. Updated some descriptions at light combat arts, heavy combat arts, ranged combad arts.
135. Added Berserk (150% damage) to Armsmen.
136. Hero berserk deals 5x normal damage. 
137. Changed most auras: Duration halfened, strength doubled. (30 sec => 15 sec ; skill power = level => skill power = level x2)
138. Added Guard (+40% armor for 30 seconds; cast: 3 seconds; recast: 90 seconds) to Deathknights (darkelves).
139. Changed summoning spells to cost the same (and drain the same mana) for units of the same strength.
140. Made "The Shiel" a bit more challenging. (more clans should attack after a time).
V 1.44
141. Renamed some of the merchants and redistributed some of the Armor Merchant inventory in "Questplace".
Armor merchant no longer has items at the spells section.
142. Added all building and unit plans to a merchant in "Questplace".
143. Added runes from light and dark races in "Questplace".
V 1.45
144. Buffed Dwarf Siege Unit.
145. Increased Siege Aura range (20 => 22).
146. Improved FreeGame script (units start spawnking as soon as the map is loaded instead of after some minutes).
147. Player units who summon units have a big cooldown to summoning (180 seconds).
148. Gave a better sword to druid.
149. Changed FreeGame AI a bit.
150. Renamed "Risen Dead" to something else.
V 1.46
151. Reduced cooldown for Necromancer summoning (180 seconds -> 90 seconds).
V 1.47
152. Paladin has a short-ranged healing that requires no mana to use and has a long cooldown. 
153. Paladin has been repriced to 100 aria.
154. Shelter and Patronise have been changed to a Deathgrasp variant that lasts 30 seconds and has 100% success.
155. Buffed the units that cost 100 food to create (dogs, pixies,etc). They can also run faster (125% => 150% walk speed).
I increased their magic resistances with 25, and their stats according to the race they are a part of.
156. Fixed a bug that crashed the game caused by heroes having more than 3 powers. It is cringe but they can have max 3. 
157. Hornblower has "Aura of Endurance Level 10" (+20% max hp or something like that). Unit description has not been changed sadly because I cannot find it.
158. Tripled Deathgrasp duration.
159. Modified a bit the FreeGame A.I..
V 1.48 
160. Fixed reported bugs.
V 1.49
161. Player's main hero won't run away when wounded. 
162. Gave +35% walk speed to rune warriors that cannot equip helmets (yellow runes).
163. 6 new items.
V 1.50
164. All plans (buildings and units) cost 1 silver each.
V 1.51
165. Gave Armsman a shield.
166. Various small updates.
V 1.52
167. Various fixers.
V 1.53
168. Sergeant Einar can summon reinforcements.
169. Upgraded Orc Spearman received a new skill.
V 1.54
170. Recruit has two swords with 100% attack speed; price has been increased to 30 iron.
171. Buffed Mirage.
172. Added 5 new items in the game.
V 1.55
173. Area Healing cast time reduced to 8 seconds.
174. Fixed reported bugs.
V 1.56
175. Improved AI.
V 1.57
176. Added 5 new items.
177. Orc Spearman has shield & increased his cost.
V 1.58
178. Added a new item: Parrying Dagger
179. Player Human Recruits have a Lost Sword and a Parrying Dagger equipped.
V 1.59
180. Added 6 new items.
V 1.60
181. Edited Grim and Lena to provide proper help to the hero.
V 1.61
182. Improved rangers and skrag units. 
V 1.62
183. Staffs have 1-6 range. Now they are no longer complete trash. 
V 1.63
184. Buffed Bloodash.
V 1.64
185. Various fixers.
186. Tripled research times.
187. Doubled the attack of Player Swarm units and repriced.
188. Improved DeathGrasp but it lasts less.
189. Player Siege Units attack x3, walk speed set to 135% and repriced.
V 1.65
190. Various fixers. 
191. Various units, including Urias and Dawn Knight(s), were buffed.
V 1.66
192. Buffed Extinct and Pain.
193. Buffed Gora and Red Death.
V 1.67
194. Redone Sentinel Healing.
195. Redone Summon Skeleton. (each level gives a new unit; new stats; new stuff)
V 1.68
196. Redone Summon Wolf. (each level gives a new unit; new stats; new stuff)
V 1.69
197. Increased player skeletons speed to 135%
198. Player Skeleton warriors have berserk and the archers have trueshot.
199. Redone Summon Blade. (each level gives a new unit; new stats; new stuff)
-Might be changes I forgot to mention.
Plans for future updates:
-New items.
-10 new heavy combat arts swords that have slow attack speed but decent attack and require one hand.
-Replace White Magic: Nature Treewrath with a raptor/mantis/something else that is more logical and cool.
-Replace Mind Magic Defensive: Detect Magic with a power that creates an elite elf (two swords, maybe armor and cool stuff; no helmet) with large cooldown.
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