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Adds a 7th faction into the game.

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ADDS a 7th faction to the game: The Undead.
Works in Skirmish, Journey, and Journey Skirmish.

Simply extract the mod into your \SpellForceThree\bin_mods_win32 folder and enable the mod in-game.

Undead use the following resources: Wood, Stone, Food, Scrap Metal, and Soul Echoes.

2 fully custom&voiced heroes available:

The Skullknight: A brutal fighter that uses both focus and health for his spells.
The Lich: A powerful undead mage that can strive for Perfection, or focus on sowing destruction with death spells.
PLEASE USE ENGLISH VOICES. I had to replace unused voice lines for this so it might have some unintended effects in other languages.

Adds: 2 new barracks and 1 unit converter with 12 new units total.

1. Walking corpse - A weak&cheap infantry. T1
2. Skeleton Archer - Basic low-ranged archer unit. T1
3. Skeleton Warrior - A strong melee warrior. T1
4. Revenant Knight - Resilient infantry capable of blocking attacks. T2
5. Deathknight - Elite infantry that can hit up to 3 units at once. T3

Corrupted Temple:
1. Mutated Husk - Fast infantry that is especially resilient to magic damage. Has the "shriek" ability that can enfeeble enemies around him. T1
2. Undead Troll - Strong infantry that deals partial siege damage. T1
3. Wraith - Almost immune to physical damage but slow, deals pure damage. T2
4. Enraged Spectre - Strong spell caster with attacks that can pierce multiple units but is weak vs physical damage. T2
5. Flesh Golem - The main siege unit. T3
Converting Altar:
1. Bloater - explodes on death and contact, can be trained from basic walking corpses. T2
2. Skeleton Rider - Fast cavalry unit that can be trained from both Skeleton variants. T2

1. Pestilence - Walking Corpses get damage increased by 5 and inflict disease with every hit.
2. Fresh Bodies - Skeleton Archers and Warriors can now be trained in batches of 2.
3. Repurpose Bones - Skeleton Archers & Warriors are now cheaper by 1 of each resource.
4. Protective Aura - Revenant Knights now have an armored aura.
5. Cursed Maces - Deathknights now deal magic damage with their maces.
6. Reinforced Skeletons - Skeleton Riders become faster & stronger.
7. Cleaving Strikes - Wraiths can now hit up to 2 targets at once.
8. Manifestation - Wraiths get the ability to materialize. Materialized wraiths move faster and deal extra damage but lose their resistances.
9. Death's Reach - Spectres now shoot further.
10. Deathly Split - Flesh Golems split into 2 smaller golems on death.