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Spellforce 3 First Person

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Spellforce 3 first person mod.

Did you like Dragon age origin. This is for you. 
The goal is to simulate first person mode and strategy
mode similar to Dragon age with out a
ny crashes.

Soul harvest
Install overwrite file config_user.txt
Install dir /?????/documents/my games/spellforce 3 sh/config_user.txt

Drop folders bin_exp1_win32 and bin_win32 to your install dir???
/?????/spellforce3 soul harvest/

Spellforce 3
Patch 1.33 or grater.
Fixed crash in loading screen at 57%

Install: overwrite file and drop map bin_win to install dir.
Install dir

Don´t forget to set key bindings in game setup.
Click`n fight time factor = pause

My time is limited riddle of life and so.
If you want to tweak this more re-upload it.
Yes! free to use.
The settings I am using are in readme.txt.


1.0 Initial release.

1.1 Better perfomance. Graphics fixes.
    Add file for low performance machines.

1.2 Add files for Soul harvest.

1.3 Higher ExperienceRange. More xp playing campaign.