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"Empire of the Shadowtrail" is a custom campaign mod for a SF2: Demons of the Past. This mod offers 20+ hours of gameplay, completely new 11 maps, exciting storyline, interesting quests, challenging boss battles, original and beautiful soundtrack and many more.

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SpellForce 2: Empire of the Shadowtrail
Custom campaign mod for SF2: DotP


"Empire of the Shadowtrail" is an epic custom campaign mod for a SpellForce 2: Demons of the Past. Play as a heroic shaikan, whose home, the Westguard city, was demolished by two opposing forces - Empyrian and Realm troops, which were controlled by two terrible and tyrannical rulers - Shadowtrail and King Redmond. Avenge the fall of your homeland by eliminating those two ruthless warlords and free your people from Shadowtrail's imprisonment!



  • Story:

"My dear friend,

The war had shattered our home, the city of the Westguard, we have lost. It was destroyed by Redmond, who become a new king of the Highmark, and Shadowtrail, an Emperor of the Empyria. It all started when alchemist Shadowtrail managed to escape from the Westguard's prison one year ago, back then he was one of the remaining Riddengard's followers. After fleeing from there, he allied with the Kitaki and Hazim clans in Xu, who were looking for the traces of the Phoenix. They were planning on sealing the Phoenix back into the stone, so they could use its power for their own deeds. Shadowtrail knew, that these clans from Xu were planning to trap the Phoenix, so he tried to join their troops by telling them, that he's capable of imprisoning the creature back into the stone. Hazim were actually impressed by the power, which Shadowtrail would bear and the two clans accepted the union between them and the Shadowtrail. Together, they took over the control of the Empyria and brought the chaos to the whole Xu and continued their march by invading the Fiara.

I'm sorry my friend, I have to stop writing now. The ship, which we used to escape from the war in Westguard, was caught in the wild storm of the Elemental Sea, we may crash somewhere. If we manage to reach the Eversea Coast, I will write you a message." (taken from the letter of the Shaikan)

  • Locations:

Silvertree Castle - during the great war between Shadowtrail's Empyria and Redmond's Highmark, Lyraine and Alluvyan people were forced to temporarily leave their home to avoid the horrendous consequences. The war refugees group, led by the Master Matricus, have traveled far to Finon Mir to seek for some help from the Elves. The White Tree never cared for the rest of the Fiara and closed their relationships with humans long time ago. But the war had changed the manners of the Elves and they provided a small fiefdom for the refugees of the Highmark. There they have built quite a big town with the stone castle in the middle, but soon they have also felt the pressure of the dangerous surroundings. Turned out, that the mountain trolls have been living in those plains for ages and now they are becoming a threat for the newcomers.  

Elen'dorah village - a Morhir outpost near the White Tree of the High Elves. The Morhir of Elen'dorah is quite different from the other elven outcasts, like Eloni or Dun Mora, since the Elen'dorah's elves have a permission to enter the White Tree and serve the noble Elves there, but they don't have the certain rights, that would let them somehow influence the control over the Finon Mir, meaning that Elen'dorah's Morhir can't reach the Elven Queen or any other higher institution. Though, Elen'dorah was once an important part of the White Tree and greatly served the Queen, but when the elves from the village secretly made a contract with the beasts of the southern mountains to fight the mighty undead forces, it upset the Queen of the Finon Mir and the Elves of Elen'dorah were punished.

Shadowtrail's Empyria - after a sudden Alyah's death, the Empyria's control was taken over by the Kitaki and Hazim, the wild clans of Xu, and a powerful alchemist Shadowtrail, who have become the leader of the city. The new emperor enslaved the Empyria's military forces and started to use them in the battles of the Fiara. Though, the occupation of the Empyria was only a beginning in the Shadowtrail's plans, since he's determined to win the war, so then he would rule the whole Fiara with the both clans.

Ravengor village - a small settlement of the Shaikan in the land of Lar. The village is crucial for the Westguard and Shaikur, the both main towns of the Shaikan, since it produces a great amount of material, that is needed and used in the forging of the various weapons and armors. Ravengor is located in the Valley of Tarendor, the place, which is known for having many natural resources well-hidden in the deep mines. During the onslaught of the Nameless demons in the Eo, Westguard sent some of the military force along with Mordecay, who was considered as a general of the division, to protect the village of Ravengor. But since the demons were finally gone, the Westguard's soldiers still protect the village from the new enemies - the Norcaine archons, that joined forces with the Shadowtrail.

Town in the Shadownight Woods - A new tyrannical ruler of the Highmark - King Redmond, has shown no mercy for the enemies and, even for his allies. He turned the whole Highmark into a terrifying war zone, he was labelled as the one of the most horrendous rulers of the Highmark in its history. Fortunately, a former lieautenant Falida has formed a new Realm of Rebirth in order to stop the Redmond and avenge the fall of the Sevenkeep's peacefulness. Because of this movement, Redmond started to worry about his reputation and throne, he feared the someone would make an attempt to assassinate him so he fled further into north and built the secret headquarters in the Shadownight Woods.

Titangate - a dwarven and human town, located in the southern part of the Iron Heart mountains in Xu. Titangate used to be a small and serene outpost of the Iron Heart's dwarves, but when a well-known Necromancer Hokan Ashir brought a massive chaos to the Black Jungle by stealing the Belial's Mask and deceiving the Zerbite Legion, the serenity in the land of Xu had vanished, since the power of the Zerbite was disrupted and evil force of the Darkwind Mountains gained an oppurtunity to spread all over the world. The news of the incident have reached the Fiara and it was considered, that probably the most powerful warriors of Fiara, the Iron Falcons, should send some of their forces to aid the Xu people in the battles against the horrific enemies of the Dark Jungle. The division of Iron Falcons has made Titangate as their main outpost in Xu and probably will stay there until the end of time...

  • Heroes:

While playing "Empire of the Shadowtrail" mod, you will meet various heroes, that will become your companions for the rest of the game. Each of them have different abilities and interesting backstory. All companions are depicted down below: