Space Haven
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An HTML file that converts ships

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This is a Javascript-based HTML file that allows the user to convert their ships from a saved game to the "haven" file format. The "haven" file format can be inserted into mods, and accessed through an edited scenario so the ship will be available from the start of a new game.  Items on the ship that are from mods will be assigned the "generic item" tag. I have not tested if this tag will produce errors for objects that would not fit in the "generic item" category, such as wall objects, floors, etc.

Converted ships will NOT have:
 - any inventory (other than some energy in the power generators)
 - any crew members
 - any shuttles or pods in the hangars

The ship will quickly run out of power, oxygen and heat until a crew member handles those issues.
Power links may not link up just right since the game will try to create the links the best it can.

Let me know if you run into any issues. I've tested it with a fully built 56x56 ship without issues.


Move your ship(s) to a sector that does not have any other ship, claimable ship or derelict.
Make sure no other ship is on its way to the sector.
Save the game with a new name that will be easy to remember.
Run the HTML file.
"Browse" to the save game directory such as:
SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/SpaceHaven/savegames/(saved game name)/save
Pick the file name "game" and select "Open."
Click the "Extract Ships" button.
A box will pop up with each ship name.
Click "OK" to convert each ship.
The final result will take a few seconds to display in the text window.
Copy the text to a file.

It was a pretty convoluted journey to create the file parser so hopefully you enjoy it!