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USE Processed Food Expansion INSTEAD
Enables building a vending machine that dispenses prepared meals from Space food.
New Food Processor structure produces Spacefood.
Spacefood can be cooked in kitchen.

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UPDATE 2021-02-26:
My new Processed Foods mod includes this one, and adds Nutrient Paste, Mystery Meat, and Space Candy to the list of food trade goods.
I'm still working on the price for those.  Please give feedback and suggestions.


Enables building a vending machine that dispenses meals from Space food.
This gives a small footprint structure for decent food without the risk of fire.
New Food Processor structure produces Spacefood (inefficiently).
Also, Space food is xpath patched to be cookable in the kitchen, though this is very wasteful compared to using the vending machine.

The vending meal has the same nutrition profile as spacefood, and ten meals can be made from one crate.
In production, spacefood has 10% the nutrition of its inputs, so the vending machine balances out.

This uses a vending machine structure already in the game, giving it this ability and making it buildable under FOOD.
If you disable this mod after building vending machines they will stay, they just won't be able to do anything.

The food processor is a new structure, but it uses existing graphics.

Make some mods for new processed foods that use these structures.  UPDATE!  DONE!

Mod Loader 0.9 can be found at:

Unrestricted permission is granted to Bugbyte Ltd. to include this content in the base game for distribution without compensation.
Anyone may use as they like, with the conditions they give credit, never charge for this or any derivative work, and grant the same rights to everyone else.
Explicit permission is granted to Tiodude (kreuka001) to bundle this in their Item Pack, with credit.